People by the millions all around the world are rejecting failing socialist – communist – one world centralized governments like the EU and the list is growing, Britain, Venezuela, Brazil, Germany is on the brink along with Greece and others within the EU.

In particular economic and cultural collapse sets off a fire storm by the people of those countries. Government sponsored massive immigration of muslims by the millions with no means of support other than government will cause both in short order. It’s puzzling why political leaders on the left (progressives/ socialist) would import their country’s own cultural demise.
For the past three years Texas Biker Radio has been pointing out that countries with lax immigration policies and generous welfare systems would be over run. Couple that with ultra-high birth rates spells disaster and that’s exactly what the immigrants are planning, they make no bones about it they are there to take over and literally out screw the European population.

The following video shows the ugly situation that Europeans find themselves in. Americans must understand the same forces are at work here in our country, in particular Barrack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton (Clinton Foundation), progressives in both parties, corporations, the media and wealthy aristocrats.

Should we elect Hillary Clinton who has collected hundreds of millions from foreign governments (including Islamic governments) and would open our borders to import poverty along with people who support a vile religion hell bent on killing anything or anyone in its path, Our children and grandchildren will be fighting in the streets for their lives and the right to exist as Americans and Christians. Islam cannot coexist with our Constitution.

To find truth you must look to the Citizens Journalist and beyond the filtered main stream media.  Dig deep understand and tell friends and family, the time is now..