Donna Brazile is calling on Congress to conduct a bipartisan investigation into Russia’s meddling in the U.S. election. This is a joke right?


Outside of loud mouth John Podesta she thinks she is one of the main victims of the what they think are Russian attacks — she says I ask that you support and provide any needed assistance to an independent, bipartisan investigation of the attacks that includes public hearings," the interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee wrote in a letter to Congress Sunday. When they say bipartisan they mean the usual suspects McCain, Schumer, Graham, Reed - Einstein all...


We are laughing their asses off..


This is the same Donna Brazile that was forwarding answers to questions to Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail. The same Donna Brazile that was a CNN contributor and cheat? The same dumb ass that is Chair of the Democratic National Committee? Part of the same group that did not secure their emails from cyber attacks? On top of that Wkileaks founder has confirmed most of the information they received came from DNC insiders that were pissed off Bernie supporters. The DNC and Hilary failed on so many fronts and hacking wasn't the worst of it.

#1. The candidate herself. American people said - "Not Trust Worthy"


Clearly from the President on down to the janitors who were sweeping around unsecured servers did not see Russia or anyone else for that matter as a National Security threat until they lost the election? Matter of fact they poo pooed the idea of it until November 8th. Now they scream bloody murder with nothing more than innuendos and bull shit.


We at TBR know that average Americans did go through the thousands of Wikileaks dumps. They work and do not have time to sift through it all. We can promise you a lot of it was boring and made no sense. For may of us we were glad someone was exposing the corruption we knew was going on. Doesn't matter what party there's more cleaning up to do.


The only people who have the time and staffs to read and sift through was the main stream media. That is hilarious, her biggest propagandist was busy digging her political grave and too dumb to see it. 



It's in our view a host of things lost this election for Hilary, her State Department Failed to render aid to dying Americans in Benghazi. Even if too late you make the effort and you do not send foreigners. What difference does it make and lies that followed has never left the American citizens minds. Hilary's arrogance, determined to keep her emails away from public record on a private server as to enrich themselves through the Clinton Foundation. Everybody in the country figured that one out and the DNC knew and talked about it including Chelsea Clinton.


This election was about restoring jobs and the middle class that has suffered at the hands of democrats for 8 years. Even blacks were realizing they've been hoodwinked for decades. Wage stagnation and soaring costs of an out of control federal government that sees us all as a piggy bank.


The Russians didn't do that.


Once again we submit to you and our politicians. Cyber warfare is here. We've been dishing it out for decades to other countries CLICK, we've interfered in elections around the world. Hillary was at the State Department helm as we disestablished the mid east.