From what we are hearing Congressman Burgess who is Co-Chair of the Congressional Motorcycle Caucus has introduce H. Res. 255. but there has yet to be a vote. Seems democrats are too busy in one investigation after another and its to the point no other business is getting done. It's all by design and shows the pitiful state our country is in when socialist takes over a political party. Right now it's the one playing out in the house un-intelligence committee headed by (D) Majority Leader Congressman Adam Schiff.

Wild eyed and crazy he's running a kangaroo court with zero due process ignoring our Constitution, based on hearsay and innuendo. Sounds like he and his minions would fit right in to Texas Court Rooms. The whole saga has shown us all how the pompous asses in the State Departments (deep state) operates and how much danger there is to the Constitution.


Civil Rights whether you be a President or Biker are in great peril. Lets hope soon this charade comes to an end so our Motorcycle Profiling Bill has a chance to see the light of day.


Its frightening that what we see playing out in DC is exactly what we see in our court rooms in Texas. Circumventing the Constitution is exactly what we see playing out in Milam County TX. The Constitution says we have the right to face our accuser. In both cases they are trying to hide the accusers to protect their identity, in both cases its based on hearsay and opinions, not real evidence a crime was committed.

Pompous Ass
Pompous Ass

Just an example: You know its bad when an un-intelligence committee member asks Fiona Hill about her pig tails that were set on fire as a child during a test. Brave Fiona just kept on truckin. Didn't have a thing to do with the kangaroo court taking place.


Fiona is British born came to America in the 90's. She has a lot of credentials and has moved from one job to the next. So she lands a job in the government where she can't be fired, now she going for her 15 mins of fame along with the others. She does think she's the smartest in the room, but as we can see all of the state department personal think that. She was a Russian exchange student and studied Russian at University of St Andrews in Scotland. There she interned at NBC if that tells you anything. She had nothing to add in her testimony but more hearsay and the great pig tail story. 


Of course whats going on in DC is not a real trial. It's a campaign show, trying to convince enough people that Trumps unfit for office and swing the 2020 election in their favor. Impeachment is not in their favor, so they go all in on the course they've set. Mad woman Pelosi has been put in a box by the head cases in her party, she must continue and go all in. The main stream media known as fake news is in the same boat, their credibility is already shot. The deep state which includes Law Enforcement with the media in tow sets the narrative with hearsay and innuendo (leaks). You go from there with fake trials in which you control. All the time hoping it doesn't backfire.


It's called the resistance and in our opinion it comes right out of Obama's home in DC.


Its our job now to let them know at all levels of government, enough is enough stop the bull shit and get to work. Then we vote the dip shits out and demand a reckoning with the deep state, the law and the courts....


Let them know, cut the shit, get to work: Congressional Operator: 1-202-224-3121

Find You Congressman: Here


Note; The House left for Holiday - 12 Days They Return Dec. 3rd.

You May Get A Chance To Catch Then At Home - The Very Least Call The Home Office - Give Em Hell..