On Monday Popeye used the link on the front page of texasbikerradio.org to check and see if the link was still good and no changes have been made. Popeye has ran a check quarterly to see if he's made it into the DPS controlled TXGang Database. At this link they did not ask Popeye for a drivers license #, they did not ask a social security #. In the past it has taken 2-3 weeks for an answer. 


We've heard reports that the DPS has given some push back by asking why you needed to check, whats your DL#, what's you SS#. We've been doing this check for over a year now, we've never talked to a DPS Official. 


If this happens to you please get a name, department and contact information and forward to us asap at gunbarreltx@gmail.com 


Checking to see if your should not land you in it. If we find that is happening action would be imminent.