Attention Waco Gun Owners: Suppose you elected Sheriff Patrick Swanton? Would he protect your 2nd Amendment Rights to bear arms? 


Note! He's already proven he doesn't believe in your 1st Amendment Rights of free and peaceable assembly. He certainly doesn't believe in your rights to due process, reasonable bonds and a speedy trial. Innocent until proven guilty? Throw that one out the window.


He still claims all 177 bikers were there to commit crimes. The trials if fair will prove this is a lie that he continues to perpetuate to this day. Don't believe me "ask him".


If your like me you have this feeling that Swanton is behind everyone of Obama's executive orders. You had better start asking questions and seek the truth where the truth is rarely spoken. Yes, I'm talking about Six Shooter Junction and the good ole boy network.



As gun owners your lucky. You can head disaster off at the pass in March. Already he's tried to dictate who comes to Waco.  A group of motorcyclist from Waco tried to put on a toy run. Swanton demanded to know who and what clubs might come to the toy run.


Since he's stupid he doesn't know that toy runs are open to all bikers and the public, there is noway to really know that question dummy. Besides when comes to charity it's none of his business. All he had to say is yes we can give you some help (like escort) or no we can't. His arrogance may have ruined Christmas for some needy kid.


I'm going to scream the next time a biker tells me he avoids Waco. Why? Nobody has appointed Swanton King of Waco. Realize there are bikers there that live with that crap everyday. Avoiding does not solve anything, you can't let them win.


In Swantons eyes he's already King, "Dictator In Chief" or like we like to say just plan "Dick".  He's had 15 minutes of fame. He is like all politicians, they are full of themselves everyone else is stupid. Ask anyone one of them they'll tell you how smart they are.


You can take it to the bank. A Sheriff Swanton would take advantage of every Obama executive order and use it against gun owners. Matter of fact they've proven they will throw your Constitutional Rights out the window. I would predict it wouldn't take long for his Sheriffs Department to be beating doors down ready to kill in order to support Obama's new executive orders. Maybe raid a few gun shows for good measure..


That's my opinion.


We have news for Swanton! We are coming back to Waco. The Constitution gives us that right to do so. I've never been in trouble with the law, I've held higher security clearances than Swanton probably will ever have, military and civilian... 


Mr Swanton, I've served my country I'm a person you described as a good guy. I have a right to speak, I now have the right to open carry. Mr Swanton I'm also a COC / US Defenders Member who's walked the halls of the Congress and State House on Motorcycle Safety and Veterans issues..


Your going to arrest me on what trumped up charges?


You aint king and you ain't gonna be...


Mel "Ironsides" Moss - Loyal "9"