Our Military men & women live from pay check to pay check, us Veterans know what it's like to live on a meager salary. Of course there are millions of Americans in the same boat. One missed paycheck is a disaster. You would think that in these situations the congress would develop a plan where military pay and social security recipients get paid regardless of shut downs instead of holding them hostage for some cause of either party. 


It's ashamed our politicians can't get their act together for the sake of the country and all American Citizens. It's amazing Chuck Schumer fights harder for DACA than he does for the American citizens. He fights anything that would interfere in the flow of illegal immigrants into our country.

Americans had no say when these DACA so called kids (thousands were not children at all) were invited into this country by the Obama admin. We had no say in the cost of housing, healthcare, education. In many cases they are pushed to the head of the line over our own citizens, our own children. Cradle to grave for them is what democrats seek. 


Watch what Democrats are selling about 800,000 DACA kids have been accepted into the program. But wait there are 1.9 million they say are eligible (25 and under), they'd like to ramp it up to over 3 million. Sit down and try to figure the math on that???



​We said many times it's not monetarily possible for us to take care of the world. We certainly cannot bring all of the worlds poor and illiterate here riding the coattails of those who work hard to pay the bills politicians create.  


Hey Chuck! It's America First not DACA first... 


It may be time for us Veterans to speak up. to sit in silence lets the corruption continue at all levels of government.