Fusion Centers At Center Of Gov. Abbott's Plan For Mass Shootings In Texas


So far data collection hasn't really done much to curb terrorism, the drug epidemic or mass shootings who for the most part not done by felons. Mass shooters (average age depending where you look 15 to 30) seem to be a product of our culture and education system. Young people are getting a steady diet of propaganda and hate towards different classes of people, based on color, religion, political ideology, the police and the country itself. No wonder they're screwed up and self absorbed. You add that to a messed up culture that does not value life, poor or no parenting, no respect for themselves or authority and politicians who are in constant war mode with each other .


You have a recipe for disaster and false hope. A misappropriation of funds and manpower. It's a feel good do anything approach. 


Fusion Centers that turn the law into keystone cops aint it. Today for instance  Midlothian High School was shut down for 6 hours based on 2 students who thought the saw something, last count two middle schools were also on shut down based on hoaxes. Our point is these systems "will not" have the manpower to investigate every nut, every hoax, every plot by those determined to kill.


Matter of fact the tern mass shooter is wrong, it should be mass killers because it does not require a gun to kill large numbers of people.  


​As Biker's who have experience with fusion centers, we realize innocent people can and will end up in these databases. Civil Rights will be violated to put them there. You will be labeled a criminal by a Law Enforcement mandated and drunk with power based on emotion and political expediency by Governor Abbott.


​Its an ambulance chaser mentality focused on our 2ND Amendment Rights.


Everyone is in panic mode because it involves schools we are not willing to fully protect. Soft targets are everywhere in Texas and across the Nation.



So Far 2019 623 people have died due to Police shootings in the country. Nobody gives a damned. 


Between 2007 and 2017, nearly 1,700 people are murdered with a knife or sharp object per year. Nobody gives a damned.


​There are 3000 deaths per yer on Texas highways. Nobody gives a damned.


The people are not going to give up their guns, not in Texas. We'll all be criminals first.