We would say that getting home safely goes for the general public also. Since we've seen no video to back up the officers claim that he was sucker punched what are we to believe? That's exactly what I would say if my service weapon was taken away from me. Who really knows what took place on the side of the road? Police lie.


Police officers must realize the militarization that's taken place across the Nation has done them no favors, the murders by police over trivial matters has taken a toll, are you are now seeing some type of government gestapo, jack booted thugs with a badge? Soon they will try to stop all filming of their actions through legislation which will raise the bar of distrust 3 fold.


What we are seeing in the news in most cases is the reaction of the black community that's been victims of police brutality and excessive force for decades. They don't see the law coming in to rescue them from the evil doers in their community no matter how much truth there is to it.


Its to the point they now teach their children to disrespect the law, run from the law and yes, kill the law. The law is the ultimate boogie man, especially if it's white. Those flames have been fanned by black politicians all the way up to the white house. Its so bad they miss the root cause of their plight, it's the politicians they elect over and over. As a Nation we all do the same.


What we've seen over the past few days is the media changing course, now the police will be portrayed as victims afraid to do the jobs they were trained for. They will all circle the wagons and sing "kum ba ya" and we will see a slew of do good stories by law enforcement.


Until another American is murdered over a missing front license plate or smothered to death by a group of cops. Then they are back to square one. We predict this won't take long because of their training and police officers who attack with glee. Sgt Swanton comes to mind..


We've (bikers) seen the actions of a rogue militarized police force in Waco Texas where they ambushed bikers in the parking lot of Twinn Peaks. None of it would have happened without their involvement, there were simple ways to defuse any confrontations. 


They now hide behind a DA who has no case. They've killed and arrested the innocent (witnesses at best) who could tell the truth as they know it. They now refuse to release ballistics that show how many Bikers where killed by the law.


We've seen the worst side of the law as they lie and slander an entire community. The nightmare is not over for those wrongly incarcerated with phony charges.


When the truth comes out it will be just another reason to see the law as jack booted thugs with a badge, trained to kill, not serve and protect the community which we are part of...


and it will be the media who calls them that.