Texas Governors Mansion 

Ticket To Ride To The Mansion


Its been reported in public and private comments to others Abel Reyna thinks the Twinn Peaks Biker trial will catapult him into the Governors Mansion or the Texas Attorney Generals Office. In his mind he's created this great show trial. In Reality the trial has more to do with politics than justice for the victims. He actually thinks Waco / McLennan County are the victims of mean nasty Bandido Bikers and he's trying to sell that thought to voters.


​Abel Reyna the law & order candidate claimed in his last run has turned into a law without order candidate. Meaning he's let his aggressive  political vision run without thought. On the night of Twinn peaks his thought was on the governors mansion, it's the very reason he stole the investigation from Waco PD. He stole it away from experienced investigators trying to sort out a crime scene. Zero thought of the Constitution and the rights to due process, arrest, charge, gag and wait.


They'll come to me. 


His politics got in the way of a coherent investigation, instead he spent two and a half years dreaming of his next step up. It was so bad he went to trial trying  Bandidos MC, 1% Motorcycle Clubs, what clothing they wear, what slogans were on patches, tattoos, what weapons were locked in vehicles legally and a man that did nothing more than drive into a parking lot then had to defend himself, family and friends from attack. 


Results "Mistrial"  1 Million spent.. 


Because of politics Abel Reyna has made a fool of himself, Waco PD, DPS and has helped us shine the light on a corrupt judicial system that has their way with anyone that falls into the web of a county that jails people  for profit...


Welcome to my world Abel, "Politics"...



Wave 7 is coming