Once again we hit the road in search of truth. This time it's about the homeless in the DFW area, in particular the homeless veterans, but really you can't talk about one without the other. We've decided this story cannot be told in 1 30 min video, so we are going to do a series of 3 to 4 starting on Monday 4/03/17. We've teamed up with Radio Legendary Jim Parks for these important interviews.



Just a few nights ago NBC Channel 5 ran a news story about the homeless on Fort Worth. The city claims they are in the 9th year of a 10 year plan, they say they have reduced homelessness from 2600 9 years ago to 1600 today. We're not too sure how they came up with those figures, but when we asked four Veterans that were actually staying in a shelter they laughed. They say it's as bad as ever and at times things turn very violent. When the cold, hail and thunder storms come men and women become desperate for shelter.


Just imagine if you suddenly found yourself broke, homeless and on your own where do you go for help? What we found was an intimidating maze of confusion. The homeless themselves have a hard time explaining it all. 


From what we understand from our first interviews that were with 4 men who currently reside in the Patriot shelter which is Presbyterian Night Shelter's Grant & Per Diem Veterans Services Program. They too were confused on what the cost is for a bed. Confusion is everywhere you turn even those who've been in the system for a while, which can be years. For those that are disabled or mentally unstable it's a trap they can't get out of. Finding a job at 60 - 70 years old is difficult to say the least.  


Remember if they are lucky they are getting a bed, not a room.


There's a hundred reason one can find themselves homeless, drugs, alcohol ,loss of jobs, financial collapse, family problems, health and mental health. Many have no family to turn to for assistance.


The situation can be so desperate the shelters & those seeking a safe sanctuary can and do get agitated with each other. For Veterans it's the same ole, same ole, no matter whether its the VA health or a Shelter who's funded by the VA.


Security gets in the way of freedom for those who have committed no crimes other than being homeless. Lock downs seems to irritate many of the Veterans who feel they are treated as children or prisoners.


This series of Videos that begin 04/03/17 is not a fiction movie, it's real people not actors. They do not consider a shelter to be a home. They are upset and feel they are forgotten in a world gone mad with other issues.