We spent the morning with a friend who's mother was going through a triple bypass. With our friend was her brother a former Marine and black ops operator in Iraq / Afghanistan. When he returned from overseas he opened a gun range, was CHL instructor and trained security personal (body Guards) for corporations.


Now he's a police officer outside of San Antonio, Chris Kyle has on the same path to become a law officer before he was killed.


As we talked we eventually got around to what it is I do. I told him I was a Biker, President and Co Founder of Sons Of Liberty Riders RC, Defenders of the Constitution. 


I explained our legislative work on motorcycle safety issues and gave him a lesson on the COCI & Waco. I asked him what kind of training they received about OMG's, answer was zero. He did say when Twinn Peaks went down some of the DPS guys in his area mentioned it but really had no clue other than it happened between two rival gangs.


You know me, I never miss an opportunity to set the record starlight, even with a police officer. Don't get me wrong the conversation was good and he was genuinely interested in what I had to say. I went on to explain in Waco the Constitution and Civil rights were pushed aside by Able Reyna in order to arrest and charge the innocent with crimes they did not commit. Million dollar bounds, months in jail, lost jobs, lost homes, lost families, children hurt, properties confiscated. One year later no one's been to trial... 


I told of the rallies we had in Waco and how the McLennan County Sheriff Department protected us and our rights to peaceably assemble. He couldn't believe what I was telling him. When you are ready and loaded with ammunition called truth, you cannot lose.


Here's my point, we've got to set the story straight one person, one cops at a time all across Texas and the Nation. Its called educate..