Veterans please don't let democrats spin out of this


Secretary of Defense Leon Peneta gave the military a go, do what you have to do to rescue our people at 7pm Washington DC, 5 hours later not a single rescue mission had been launched. 3 Reedy forces missed the timeline for launch. At no time did they question why by the upper chain of command civilian or military.


What Not To Wear
What Not To Wear

Hillary Clinton's State Department ordered Marines preparing to launch a rescue mission from Italy in and out of uniforms 4 times during Benghazi attack, as Americans were calling for help and dying. They were worried about dress code.


She participated in a video conference call for at least two hours before going to bed at 1:30AM. If this video still exists we need to see it. 


When the final mortars fell in Benghazi 7 hrs after the attack not a single wheel was turning or plane launched toward Benghazi.


The they blamed it all on a video even though they knew better. Lying to the American people because there was an election just 8 weeks away.


You would think from the President on down they would be on fire trying to get aircraft moving. In the end Muammar Gaddafi forces rescued those remaining at the annex. 


Instead they were fretting over political consequences before people died..  


Don't Let The get Away With This!!!!