Harry Reid says he's out of here, he's going to retire before he gets caught "again". He and his lobbyist sons have done as much damage as they can do to a state and country. In the process like many politicians they've made themselves filthy rich. Then you realize he's going to be there 2 more years. "Hell", we need the thief out of there now. ​But wait Harry Reid may be the king of habitual liars, remember the phony soldier Jesse Macbeth?  There is a boat load of habitual liars we need to get rid of. #1 is his boss. Who's fraternizing with the enemy as this goes out.


No Man Left Behind - He Meant No muslim Left Behind


"Benghazi" What Difference Does It make - Everyone Left Behind To Die


What Veterans can Forget Him and Jane Fonda "Traitors"


Stupid Is as Stupid Does 

No One Can Forget This Lie "Obamacare"

Susan Rice - He Served With Honor And Distinction 


Mitch McConnell - The Senates Will - Will Prevail (After Amnesty Defeat)


We Will Repeal Obamacare


These Are Good Guys Lets Give Them Weapons

State Department Spokesperson Psaki - ​Of Course if Her Mouth is Moving 


The Entire Congressional Black Caucus "Hands Up" Was A Lie That Was Perpetrated  By Other Liars Across The Country. Police Officers Have Died As Result. Who Cares They Were White?


​We can go on and on, but as you can see it's up to us to spread the word to those that aren't paying attention. Elections have consequences and what you see above is the results of a citizenry that's disengaged and has been made lazy through a poor education system and a news media that's no longer the protectors of freedom and the Constitution. They want you lazy, dumb and fighting each other.


You don't have to look very far before you can figure it out. The  President has gone rogue and has sided with our enemies in Iran. The Progressive Liars walk in lock step with him.


They are banking you will not get out of you lazy chair. You will continue to allow them to build themselves empires off of our backs and take the country to a 3rd world status through illegal immigration.



Do you really want to be fundementally transformed?


They want it that way...