Sympathetic Reflex 


Fort Worth Police Officer Courtney Johnson swears up and down his finger was not on the trigger before it was. Boom one more black man down. Wow!


So what comes out the bull shit excuse bag? "Sympathetic reflex" straight out of the 1990's, meaning you had your finger on the trigger but in your crazy mixed up mind said the an old black dude with a BBQ fork was ready to attack. Even as he was orders to put the fork down. Johnson sympathetic finger took over his brain and fired his shot gun.



Officer Courtney Johnson Was Fired By FTW Police 


The guy clearly doesn't need a badge, not even at the mall. It makes us wonder if this is the first time this one has been brought out of the vilify and excuses bag. Does it pass the smell test outside of the ranks of police departments and unions? Does it pass the smell test of the public which is kept in the dark about police training?


The sympathetic finger theory has been around since the 1990's


I think I was about 10 when I got my first shot gun 4-10 over and under. My dad taught me to never put my finger on the trigger until I had acquired and identified my target. I'm now 69 years old, been hunting many times, been in the military, been through LTC training and I've never heard of sympathetic trigger finger until now. That being said gun safety is nothing more that common sense. Common since is the fix for sympathetic finger prevention on the internet.  



Most of us who handle guns do rely on common sense, which seems to be harder to find throughout our society nowadays.


So this makes us question, could this sympathetic finger be an epidemic within law enforcement? It makes us wonder if the snipers hiding in the shadows of Waco have had sympathetic finger training? I think we'll ask the Sheriff since we come unarmed to seek redress.




Our weapon is the Constitution.


Maybe the media should ask if the Unit that stormed Twinn Peaks shooting anyone standing or maybe fighting for their life had sympathetic fingers that became judge, jury and executioners that day May 17th 2015. 


We're just sayin since Law Enforcement lack of training has been brought up by Officer Courtney Johnson and the FTW Police Union. Johnson was fired for a reason probably not made public. The DA chose to indict but failed to convict.


We've been asking about Police training for 2 years now.


Just Askin,