Maybe speedy trials means something else in six shooter junction?


Houston, we have a problem! When a young man that’s being prosecuted by Waco PD, DPS, ATF, McLennan County DA and God knows what other agencies, now after 21/2 years of pain and suffering a McLennan County Judge Johnson tells everyone to “speed it up”.


Why would that be?


Would it be to give his former law partner Able Reyna an upper hand? Is Cassie Gotro making certain witnesses sound like they don’t really have a clue when it comes to MC’s, the TCOCI, the Bandidos or Cossacks. I find myself screaming at my phone or computer every time a court house report comes where something clearly wrong was said on the witness stand. It’s frightening Officer Drews that’s supposed to be in the know didn’t know what COC stood for, most police officers don't and don't want to know. He reported that he got his info on hearsay from Officer Rodgers of Gang Intelligence which is an oxymoron.

The picture of what happened at Twinn Peaks is getting clearer every passing court room hour, Jake Carrizal and any other person caught up in this nightmare deserves whatever amount of time his or her defense council needs to defend them against such powerful government agencies who have hide evidence and have agendas. Many have monetary agendas.

But there may be something hideous about a Judge telling the lawyers to speed it up and it may explain charging 177 people with the same crimes and denying them their Constitutional rights.

Days ago we were corresponding with Legendary Jim Parks, he called the McLennan County courts, Waco PD, The Sheriff’s Department a “Growth Industry” which bags ‘em, tags 'em, holds ‘em, tries ‘em, sends to jail or they take a plea deal. Any court room that gets bogged down costs them money, in a system that runs people though one after the other and fast.  Judge Johnson can’t allow the money-making machine to come to a halt. He's a busy man.

It’s not hard to figure out when you look back . The DA Able Reyna stepped in took over the investigation assured the weak-kneed Waco police chief he could make it stick, 177 or there about were given million dollar bonds $$ and hauled off to for profit jails for at least a month$$, those that could bond out and those who had to wait for reductions had to rent expenses ankle monitors $$. On top of that the confiscation of vehicles and personal properties $$. People are profiting every step of the way including Judges who must run for elections (donation time). A system like this is rotten to the core, money flows under the table from those seeking business from the county, it’s a profitable business for some.


But when things go wrong it's the tax payers that pay their way..

Jim has been around the McLennan Courts for some time, tells us the Judges courtroom dockets are full, they need speed and Jake Carizzal trial is in the way, "speed it up"..


Cut it out Judge Johnson lets have a fair trial for a change…