Popeye Faces Down Security
Out of the blue at the Lone Star Bike Rally I heard "Hey Popeye", a young man from Waco said man thanks for the efforts your making in the Biker Trials and Biker's right's. I said thanks but it's not just me. We have citizen / professional reporters / investigators and people dedicated to the Constitution working in the back ground.


With him was a friend who knows Able Reyna personally. He asked me what I thought. I said Reyna has taken a big political risk by trying to convict hundreds of people including the innocent that were there for a COCI meeting. Even more of a risk in Waco where the 2nd Amendment is revered by men who carry guns and hunt.



Able a Cowboy sounding Hispanic


Was on the rise in the Republican Party and probably will be regardless of what happens. It doesn't get any better than a white sounding conservative Hispanic to make party elites drool. So as usual the likely hood that he goes anywhere is slim unless somehow they grow tired of him and move him out by offering him a Judgeship (quickly) or by running a preferred candidate against him. The powers in the background do this all the time, there is a high powered chess game going on.


It's even more important his former law partner Judge Johnson gives him every chance to succeed in the courtroom.  


Case and point Texas Sate Senator Konnie Burton is being targeted by the very powers that got her elected because a Texas Sheriff told the President she was trying to mess with asset forfeitures in the State Legislature.


We've allowed ourselves to become pawns of the media and the Good Ole Boys in the background. There are too few of us standing up to be heard. 


So Able takes the investigation away from a weak WPD, takes the risk of being seen as stupid at the very least, but stupid is acceptable in both democrats and republican parties.




A Perfect Example..