The Potato Head better known As FJB in some circles has hamstrung Ukraine from the very beginning. First he slow walked getting the tools they needed to successfully fight a war with Russia. NATO came together, but real sanctions that went to the heart of Russian economics were also slow. To the point Russia had time to adjust. Seems as though countries like Germany and others were and still are sucking on the teet of Putin when it comes to oil and gas. 


Right now like the rest of the world Russia is suffering from inflation, supply line issues and mfg capabilities. On top of that china is in full lockdown mode over covid. Millions of Chinese are now in protest mode and their dicktator to resign now!


Turns out the Russian Army was gutted from within. Russian tax payers should be pissed since young and old men are drafted into an ill-equipped army who's not being paid as promised. Putin is depending they will die on the front before they are paid, slick if you can get away with it. But Russian soldiers know the score. They are not happy. Now they are calling home and threatening to kill their commanders. They are more than pissed.

Scamming was the order of the day when renewing it's military equipment. What they have is a lot of old shit and very little in the way of new shit when it comes to the Army. That probably filters into the rest of their armed forces as every general  wanted a piece of the money pie. Why not they have not had a war in 20 years.


So "now" they find themselves bogged down freezing their troops to death due to substandard winter gear of no gear at all. As of today Russia's Army looks like it was a paper tiger. Unable to advance against a much smaller Army thanks to the US and NATO countries.


So lets go back to the beginning the US and NATO are micro managing what equipment's they send to Ukraine and where it should be used. God forbid they attack Russian soil while Russia sits back and lobs one missile after the other, God forbid Ukraine are given aircraft (even old aircraft) to supply cover for the troops on the ground. 


It looks as of now Putin is trying to secure what territories they've stolen from Ukraine while systematically destroying Ukraine's infrastructure. Hoping for the citizen's of Ukraine will turn on their government. Not likely to happen it's just pissin them off.


We're left to wonder just when will the US and NATO force Ukraine into negotiating with Putin? He desperately want s a win of any kind to get him out a a pollical quagmire at home. Everybody is wanting this to end now and there is a growing sector in the US and NATO that's ready to cut and run through negotiations. Someone should ask Finland & Switzerland how that worked out for them?  They are still scared of Russia to this day.  


In the past couple of days the talking heads are saying everybody is running out of ammunition, asking Ukraine to not waste munitions'. We keep hearing Putin is running out of missiles. We're not sure any of that is true since Russian mfg builds 1000's of Miltary hardware at a time unlike the US that builds in the hundreds. More than likely they have a buttload of old stuff waiting in the wings. There's one thing true about Russia mfg if they build one piece of shit, that means they'll have a thousand pieces of shit.


It has been reported Ukraine is going to manufacture it's own missiles with 150 kilometer which is about 93 miles. They had better put that on a fast track along with longer range missiles to reach their borders, finish the bridge in Crimea. We have a sneaky suspicion Russians are no longer interested in Crimea..      


Putin's saber rattling has included their latest doomsday machine (see video).   



There is not a despot in the world The Potato Head is not trying to help through back door channels. He's forming a new axis of evil which includes Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela and the Biden administration. Biden has always been there to throw a lifeline when needed.  It benefits him and those within his inner circle.


We have idiots in charge of building machines that will kill us all, they will hide underground.


In the end nobody wins, money, politics, power to rule over nothing. In the end whoever or whatever is left must track them down when they come from hiding.... 


Duck & Cover BS