Waco Baylor U: Seems like the Good Ole Boy system that is designed to protect the University is having the opposite effect. Gang rapes by thugs who claim to be athletes. The code, the brotherhood,  the vow of silence, sounds like some type athletic gang to me. Maybe we should have an FBI investigation, but they are too busy chasing Russians and 3 Bandidos aren't they? 


What's worse is a Law Enforcement community that's there to protect. Not the students but the University itself. One of the first line of defense for any University is the campus police who job it seems is to just make it all go away. Cover up is the name of the game at Universities across our land. Whats worse is our school systems are producing these predators at record pace. Your little girl is more than likely naive to the world, full of touchy feely political / environmental shit and needs chocolate play dough when the pressure is on.


The worse place your teenage daughter can be is any college campus, you are throwing them to the wolves into a community with low or no morals. Their new found freedom can turn into a nightmare overnight. Campus dorms low or no security, date rape drugs, sex, rape, assaults go unreported and if they are. They fall into a system designed to protect not investigate. More than likely the city has a law enforcement system that has a shocking back log.


Case and point my grand daughter a college freshman broke up with a boy she met at Church over a year ago while she was still in HS. He has since turned into a full fledged relentless stalker, he's big, strong and has a mean streak. He can also cry and pray at the drop of a hat. He showed up at Texas Tech, would not leave, frightened them all (room mates) so bad no one would report him.


Why? Because they all knew he could walk right back in. Campus Police are worthless. 


He eventually attacked her, left bruises, stole the keys to her car from her hands and wrecked it. The whole incident has been reported to the Lubbock police, the so called victims unit. We've now been told they have a back log of six months to a year before they could do anything. Not one thing has been done, no charges, no protective orders, no warrants. He's free to roams around the country, no job, no future. You find out why assaults and rapes are not reported really quick when it happens to one of your family members. It's frustrating not to mention dangerous for all. 


He is destined for trouble somewhere down the road.


This is rampid throughout the country. LE is negligent to the people and victims in so many different circumstances. We must realize their new mission is protecting themselves and a government gone mad. That government is fed by corrupt Universities across the land. 


Protect your child do your research well before sending them to the wolves on campus and cities governed by Good Ole Boys.