All For 1 Rally and Protest June 7th Waco Texas - Details TBA


Texas Biker Radio: Under the Bill of Rights, we have the right to peaceably assemble, law enforcement has dubbed anyone that wears a leather vest or patch as criminals and they’ve called or put pressure on businesses that cater to bikers to not allow cuts.

Therefore we are going to peaceably assemble in Waco TX per the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We are not criminals and we are going to speak out.


We are asking everyone to come peaceably and be prepared to be stopped and searched. Your weapon is a protest sign. Such as “we are not criminals”- I’m not a gang member” - “free the innocent” – “we have the right to peaceably assemble” – “patches are freedom of expression” – “leather is not a weapon” – “we want answers”

172 people have been incarcerated in Waco without charge or false charges. We all know and video will prove not everyone was involved in what went on in the parking lot. Innocent people were rounded up and dubbed criminal, thugs and gang members. There those of us who know better. Many of those riders had no clue their day would end up like that.

Their property has been confiscating under another law that enriches law enforcement.

We have eyewitnesses that have come forward to say the police may have some explaining to do.

We are not here to debate on Amendment over the other for we too believe in the 2nd amendment.

There has been reports bikers are being stopped all across the state, they are not arresting, they are confiscating weapons which you will have to file papers to get back..


Be friendly leave attitudes at home. The law is the bad guys in this, when they come around hands up don’t shoot or don't snipe