Malcolm X Had Democrats pegged back in the 60's. Today Black Democrats and their minions work to keep poor blacks in their place.


There's not much we would agree on from Malcolm X, but he had democrats pegged. As far as the republicans working hand in hand with democrats, in many cases that's true. Especially when it comes to protecting and enriching themselves. It's the very reason they run from term limits, just maybe we should defund them since most are already wealthy. 


As of today it's clear that one side wants to tear our country apart in order to rebuild it into a socialist / communist society with no clue what that looks like for the people, while the other wants to preserve our Constitution as written by our founders and way of life. 


In this election cycle we have two choices to continue what we know works and make it better for all or go down a path of uncertainty and God knows what for our children, it doesn't matter color.


As for us we are Constitutionalist, we believe in the Constitution, not the two parties and lying politicians who've failed us time and time again. 


That's the very reason Trump is in the White House today. Lying, thieving politicians.... The more they fight the more they work together to avoid term limits and so on..