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What's happening to President Trump is a no brainer. The Biden admin is along with democrats and federal entities are trying to keep him off the ballots in 2024 using the FBI, DOJ to frame and convict of some crime. A few states like Arizona has said crime or no crime. 


But thats not all. Today Robert F Kennedy is on the hot-seat, democrats are making every effort to take him down since his poll numbers keep climbing and joe keeps sliding, nobody wants him for another term expect the crooks in DC. Yep they're all painting him as a covid and holocaust denier. What RFK was doing was using the holocaust to compare with experimental vacines. Bottom line is taking the competition down by character assignation. Only thing about that is he is entitled to his opinion even if it's wrong.



DeSantis is another one thats a target of the left even though Trump is leading the republican field by a lot by 50% DeSantis is at 21%. Dems are relentless with the DOJ & FBI in their pockets. The fact is they may actually convict Trump with bogus charges and kangaroo courts in democratic states / cities. 



The fact is even if convicted he can still win, but dems want him off the ballots. Make no doubt the cheaters are still out there and ready to attack.


At that point its where we keep our cool, conservatives are already shell shocked over Jan 6th fiasco and setup by the feds. It's my opinion which will not change and I'm entitled to my opinion. You should not be afraid and cower in the corner of your house, be afraid to speak your mind on things you know is wrong. The country is f**ked up and you know it. They want another J6 it's our job to deny them with an effort they can't screw with. It can be done. 


We will hold a Rally in September or October to speak our minds, standby for more it's tome to roll