TBR: Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee uses common sense and the Constitution to make a point about the absurdity being brought on by democratic socialist run cities / states.


It's a misuse of power when COVID 19 rules are targeted against certain groups like Church's, Businesses, Political Groups. 


​Here's the deal Americans do not like being shoved around. Especially when they smell a rat and there are no shortages of rats in the room. Mixed messages  from day one. Whether it be the W.H.O., the CDC or crazy eyed politicians with their own daily TV show who saw a chance to further their political careers. Literally struggling with the president for control.


Per the Constitution they got it


You Fuched Up - No You Fucked UP
You Fuched Up - No You Fucked UP
Now they don't want it..

And look at the mess they've made. Top of the list is to two nut cases in New York Cuomo / De Blasio who's missteps a Nationwide spread and caused thousands of deaths. It continues today as they spread a old virus called socialism, communism.


Its obvious democratic socialist are not letting this crises go to waste.


They are doing all they can to destroy our economy in hope of winning an election. Very few are speaking the truth and using any common sense. This disease is going to spread no matter what. We don't think they really know how it spreads, like everything else they said its guess work. It's really time to think herd spread to use up the vessels required to spread the disease? Each person that gets it and recovers is one less person to spread... 


Fair warning to those who smell the blood of power. There still exist a great silent majority who doesn't like what they see. At some point they will stand up against the tyranny of the socialist and the deep state. 


The tyranny we see in the streets at some point will turn of those who feed them. The lust of power corrupts. They don't want a voice, they want a seat at the table of control. They will justify the means used to get it..


Doesn't matter whether it's politicians or the science that so far has got it wrong. The people have had it do not attempt another shut down..


Just sayin