Common Sense tells us we can't take care of all the worlds poor. We will soon go broke if we are not already. Thank God for Donald Trumps strong economy. But at some point democrats who are organizing these caravans of welfare recipients will have to change their tune and fast if they take over the government again. They will open the gates to try and solidify their stronghold on power.


They know it cant be sustained without an eventual economic collapse, Then the tied will shift again unless they flooded the country with enough people seeking benefits.


Who will they rob from next to pay for it all before total collapse ? You!


Reports are it costs about $675.00 a day when an immigrant shows up at the border with no visible means of support.


For this group headed our way that would be $9,450,000 the first day if they all could be processed.


A week would be $66,150,000, a month would be $283,500.000


Understand half of illegal immigrants already in America are on welfare or some sort of government assistance. Not only that they get an $1261,00 more than American citizens. 


These people are coming for freedom or a better life their coming for benefits they can't get at home.