PIPES has been singing our National Anthem for the TCOCI Region 2 for about a year That would be about 6 times. Until yesterday he was known as Esteban. That changed when we gave him a non affiliated cut with the Road Name of PIPES.


My only regret is I didn't get what was going to happen on film when Pipes stepped up to sing the National Anthem, it was beautiful. My gut feeling is it stoked up Pipes so much there was something extra that came from his beautiful first tenor voice, all of the sudden half way through all the leather clad, bearded, tattooed bikers started singing along. What a frickin emotional moment it was, it sent chills up & down the spine for sure.


Pipes isn't a Biker, his day job is IT Consulting (he owns the co.). He and I have run in the same political circles for years. When I was asked to find an acapella singer for a Region 2 meeting his name came up fast. Since then he's been a regular. Along with singing at our Lets Roll 9-11 Memorial Ride Pipes has a huge resume of events he's perform in or for, he's performed in 49 States & 23 Countries.


It was after the last couple of meetings and in conversations Pipes told me he understands it now. The camaraderie, the brotherhood between Bikers and most of all the love of Country, truly inspiring.


As American Bikers this is where we should "all" strive to be. Brothers & Sisters United for the cause.  


Biker or no, I'm proud to call Pipes my friend and fellow Patriot. 


​That being said we now have Pipes dreaming, he sent me this pic yesterday evening with the caption "One Day"