Our battle for Biker Rights in Texas is going to be epic. But in order for there to be victory it's going to take us all in concert working together. Clubs, Independents, Veterans & Patriotic Citizens who will defend the Constitution and the rights of all under the law. 


​Our first steps are simple. Relentless Public Demonstrations to bring media pressure, continuous letters to State Representatives, get involved in local / state politics. We organize and lead the rest of the country.


We know most bikers don't want to hear the words politics.


We agree that running up and down the road to eat and party is a lot for fun, but as a Nation we all suffer at the hands of free range politicians and government entities at all levels. The level of corruption grows each day. Like every other government entities they cannot police themselves. Left unchecked the corruption spreads until our Constitutional Rights have been erased forever.


As we've pointed out before Bikers are a reflection of our society as a whole. Good, Bad, Don't give a damned, the percentages almost mirror each other.


Our group (Sons of Liberty Riders RC) sought out TCOCI & US Defenders for the work the do in the TX State Legislature on motorcycle safety issues over a year ago. Mel Moss Co-Founder of SOLR RC has been a political activist for the last decade. We had just left a National group that was mainly online desktop jockeys. We would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated group (US Defenders) in the country working on motorcycle safety issues. Their work was impeccable and based on truth. Those of us who work on these issues believe in what we are doing. Victories in this arena are hard to get, the battles long and frustrating, but when a battle is won how sweet it is and how short it can be when left without a watchful eye...


​The organization & numbers are there to become a powerful political force in Texas. Regardless of what you might think this is how we fight the corruption within our government and assure Waco type assaults never happen again. Getting involved as a group influencing elections brings us new respect.



​One of those elections is Sgt Swanton of WPD, he is seeking the office of Sheriff  Mclennan County TX. We'll take care of him in the primaries.  


Ignore it all at our own peril, not only for Bikers but Texas and Country as a whole.


Please visit your State Representatives as they seek funds to run in the next election cycle. Go to the town halls, ask questions, be cordial and introduce yourself as a Biker who's part of the fastest growing political group in the State of Texas...