Waco: Judge Johnson is already at work for the prosecution denying every motion put before him by defendants lawyers. The game playing by the DA's office is obvious and in Crooked Judge Johnson's eyes they do no wrong. Who would that remind us of? We've been told he's no better than Strother and maybe worse if that can be possible.


Attorney Clint Broden alleges the DA’s office should be disqualified from the case or the indictment should be dismissed because Clendennen’s right to attorney-client privilege was violated by the jail recording. 


The Crooked Judge Johnson took the motion, said he would listen to the tapes to see what damage might have been done. Prosecutors revealed the tapes existence when Broden received an evidence dump, like 3 terabytes of data.


No Problem Here Good To Go Says Johnson 


Prosecutors said there were 8,557 phone calls recorded from Twin Peaks defendants in the weeks and months following the May 17, 2015, shootout that left nine dead and more than a dozen injured. It makes us wonder if they heard the calls for help when they were denied food and medical attention. The judge instructed that the tape recordings from the jail be placed under a protective order from the court that prohibits prosecutors and law enforcement officers from listening to the conversations. Wait A Minute! Does anyone believe that hasn't already happened?  


Speedy Trial: We still have a speedy trial motion before Crooked Judge Johnson who must now walk a tight rope thanks to Judge Strother and others who run their mouths in McLennan County. They have been exposed and the average Dude and Dudett might see that Bikers are getting a fair trial. Lets pile it on since Judge Stem has said Johnson is unbiased. Of course one must look at Crooked Judge Stems connections to Law Enforcement in Waco.


Security: Court Room Security, first of all it's not needed outside of the usual. There are know Biker groups headed to the court house.   Waco Tribune reported at Friday’s hearing, 10 deputies, five in plain clothes and five in uniform, were in the courtroom, and more were elsewhere in the courthouse. Johnson suggested the sheriff might increase the number of plain-clothes officers to lessen the visual effect while still maintaining the security level the sheriff deems appropriate. Wait a minute! In the court room it's obvious who's who and you can bet they will go out of their way to make it obvious in some way.


Broden said he doesn’t want his client to be prejudiced in the jury’s eyes the way a Bandidos defendant was recently in Fort Worth. Broden said officers and law enforcement vehicles ringed the courthouse and a tank was parked nearby in the Fort Worth case. This something we must watch for. "A Tank"!


What Kind Of Tank?


Can't Be First: In  We want mr. Carrizal to have his day in court but, in  our view the fix is in if he goes first as the prosecution have begged for months. Crooked Judge Strother was set to do just that while working for the prosecution. Because of their crooked actions Carrizal first is in jeopardy. 










Ref: Waco Tribune.