When I first heard Chief Holt's testimony I did a double take when he said under oath a lot of the information they receive is 2nd & 3rd hand info.


Then he backed it up a minute or two later by saying much information he receives he takes with a grain of salt even from fellow officers.


We at Texas Biker Radio have been saying from the beginning Law Enforcement's (LE) reports are unreliable and in many case flat out wrong. Especially info gathered by under cover officers (UC) or confidential informants (CI) who are anything but outstanding citizens. Matter of fact many CI's are criminals forced into those positions by LE. 


Testimony has shown those LE Officers involved at Twinn Peaks have no clue of MC culture and even less about What the COCI is.


Police testimony has shown they didn't expect anything more than a fight, got confused lost each other, had no clue who was all involved what agency was where and doing what, lack of communications.  It's in our view there were officers there that had no business on the scene. 


​The Chiefs testimony means from the time altercations began between the Bandidos and Cossack's the information has be flawed, unreliable with much hype to fan the flames between the two groups. Two groups they claim were at war with each other over a patch.


Poor intelligence gathering by a New Gang Intelligence Officer lead to two things.


Gross Negligence 


Over or Under Estimating The Situation


​Ignoring Public Safety Concerns Resulting In Death


Clearly This Happened May 17th 2015



Or It Exposes Collusion By Failing To Contact All Sides