After watching the North Charleston press conference this morning we ask ourselves how does a tail light stop by a police officer turn into 8 shots in the back (we heard most if not all hit). Its hard to claim fear for your life when the driver of the stopped vehicle runs away from you. We are hard pressed to figure out why you would run from an officer over a tail light issue?


​Its hard to phantom in today's climate that a white police officer would not be extra careful when it comes to deadly force against anyone much less a minority, especially one running away from you. The fact is he could have been picked up later or chased down without deadly force.


Even police officers arriving on the scene after the fact are now under scrutiny for their actions and non actions. Especially once there is a wounded person down was he given life saving first aid?


The public is no longer going to tolerate unwarranted lethal force of unarmed individuals regardless of color.


The police officer who did the shooting is now fired, his wife is 8 months pregnant, their lives are now in ruins as is the victims family.


In the background of the meeting you could hear the mob of Sharpton, "no justice no peace". The City of North Charleston has done the right thing by turning it over to an independent investigator. They have fired the police officer and more or less condemned and abandoned him by their actions before an investigation begins.


We realize they are trying to keep from becoming another Ferguson who has and still does suffers from that tragedy. The anarchist mob is ready and primed to act. You can be sure they are waiting for orders from the top.


White police officers should take extra caution and watch for retaliation for it has happened before, respect for the law by young blacks is dwindling, they will challenge your authority and are emboldened to do so by media and peer pressure. 


Remember you can and will be abandoned by those above you...


The whole Nation is a mess, we think when an a police officer engages the citizen regardless of color we should not be treated as a suspect or enemy until given a reason to be treated that way. The majority of us respect the law and understand you have a tough job.


​That being said please realize the citizen is under great pressure also, trying to stay afloat in a nation gone mad and a government that fans the flames to keep us all separated and fighting one another through race and class warfare. We do stupid things to survive, many can barley afford to keep our vehicles inspected and running. A welfare nation on fixed income including retirees. We're not an enemy we are survivors of it all.