My oral interview with Tommy Witherspoon "Reporter Waco Tribune" almost mirrors what I said in an email sent to him just days before. You can compare to the article he wrote 11/06/2015. He was fair but left a few things out. Like Honesty... Read Here


We thought it interesting he mentioned some articles at the ALL FOR 1 facebook site were decades old. Of course he failed to mention some of the slander Sgt Swanton spews are decades old, like drug trafficking, prostitution, sex slaves, human trafficking. The media falls for that BS all the time. It's easier to quote than look for truth and honesty coming from the law.


Sons Of Liberty Riders RC
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to Tommy.Withersp.
Bio: Mel Moss

Born Dallas TX 1947
Graduated Justin F Kimball HS
4 yrs  US Navy 65-69
25 yrs Air Craft Inspector Vought Aircraft
20 yr Motorcycle Shop Owner - Drag Bike Specialists
Motorcycle Road Racer / Yachtsman / Pvt. Pilot
Retired 2004


Am now Political Activist, Motorcycle Club Co-Founder & President Sons of Liberty Riders RC (not connected with National Sons of liberty Riders} .
Founder Texas Biker Radio

Note: I got my first motorcycle when I was 8yrs old and have been riding for a total of 57 yrs. I've done and seen it all when it comes to two wheels. That would include a few horrific accidents on the street and race tracks. Let me say this in all those years I've been around a lot of different Clubs including the Bandidos. Have never once been offered a drug, a prostitute, a sex slave. Times change and so do Bikers.... 

Sons Of Liberty Riders RC is a group of like minded Veterans and Patriots who also happen to be political activists.

Our mission

* The preservation of our Constitutions "State and National"
* Promote Motorcycle Safety issues  through the Texas State Legislature.
* Monitor and propose new legislation preserving our rights as Bikers.
* Bring Public attention of the misuse and abuse of the Citizenry at large, our Troops and Veterans by out of control government at all levels.
* 911 Never Forget

We do this with public rides, events, protests and political activism. .

As for me I am a Independent Constitutionalist. I expect my representatives to be Honest and adhere to the Constitution. It is the Law Of the Land. I can also tell you I've been on both sides of the fence democrat & republican. I've come to realize that no matter which party is in control we keep slipping the same direction. Nepotism, cronyism, corporatism at all levels of government has delivered us a government who side tracks the Constitution & Bill of Rights, is taxing and spending us into oblivion. Accountability is nowhere to be seen.

As political activist in Tarrant County we've had great success. It is the most conservative county in the United States. Over the years we've learned how to play the game, we now know how to win and have an effect. Last election cycle we knocked out a 3 term state rep with 10 people, 5 were children, the rest is classified....

SINK Swanton Campaign

We already know Swanton is going to claim and moan about the outsiders coming to town to campaign against him. That's his fault, he has publicly slandered every motorcyclist and branded us all as criminals. the DPS and TABC jumped in on the bandwagon. Bikers & Clubs are now being harassed and treated as criminals not only in Texas but across the Nation. This would include Veterans, Christian Motorcycle Ministries and Charitable Biker Groups.

The people are starving for Honest representation and it's so hard to find. The people in Waco & McLennan County must look at Swanton and ask themselves is this an honest man? Does he believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Does he believe in Due Process?  Does he still believe that "ALL" 170 people inside Twinn Peaks were criminals?

As part of our Campaign there will be a podcast released around November 10th its addressed to the people in McLennan County. Soon there will be an ad in the local paper that gives the link to the podcast,  It will cover what we know and don't know about TP. The one thing that will not be missing is truth, we have nothing to hide.

Don't make the mistake of thinking we are all from out of town, many Waco residents have joined our efforts to protect and defend the Constitutional rights for "ALL"

All For 1 - All for The 1st Amendment - We Have The Right To Peaceably Protest - We return Nov. 15th


The Following is a phone message I sent Tommy after the oral interview:


Tommy, a little bit over a year ago I was President of the Arlington Tea Party as I told you yesterday Tarrant County is the most conservative county in the United States.


The reason for that is the work of the Tea Parties up in the Tarrant County area. I left a tea party to join us defenders and work on motorcycle safety issues using the connections I've made over the last decade.


I can tell you The people all over this country are looking for honesty in government. That's the reason we see people looking for outsiders in this presidential campaign.


The fact is their craving for honesty at all levels of government. The people of Waco have a decision to make as do other cities all across the nation. Finding honest representation. Is Swanton and honest man? Does his actions show that he believes in the Constitution and the rights of due process..