Lone Star Bike Rally 2019 LE Surveillance

Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset said he didn’t know of any specific efforts to track gangs or motorcycle clubs deemed to be outlaws in the county for the rally. A Galveston Police Department spokesman didn’t respond to a request for comment Friday.


Really, does the fat Sheriff expect us to believe he doesn't know of any effort to profile Bikers wherever they might be, including Galveston County? Don't act innocent with us. Profiling has been rampant since Governor Abbott started pushing data based surveillance as a political issue and part of his campaign.


Quote: Get 'em all into my gang database, even if they just look like a gang member. 


As real criminal activities go unchecked across the State Of Texas, the Law is busy, busy wasting time tracking Motorcycle Clubs to an event that's been going on for years.  Somebody thought it was important enough to report to the media. Let us explain to the Sheriff whats going on?


The media reported. 


Throughout the day Friday, radio traffic on local police channels squawked with descriptions of colors displayed by groups of people riding toward the island and the size of the groups arriving.


“There’s two Bandidos center-lane coming up to the Texas City Wye,” a voice on the scanner said at 12:39 p.m., before noting there was “no PC,” or probable cause, to stop them.


There were “red and yellow supporters” driving by the Buc-ee’s in Texas City, a reference to colors of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. Another rider had an “OMC,” or outlaw motorcycle club, sticker on a helmet.


The Texas Department of Public Safety, which oversees the state highway patrol, the Texas Rangers and the Texas Violent Gang Task Force, said in a statement that it does not typically comment on security measures around large events.


The DPS was “aware of possible motorcycle gang activity in and around the Galveston area this weekend,” according to the statement.


TBR: The report left out the possibility there is no gang activity. We've been going for the better part of a decade. We've never seen or heard of such nonsense going on. There order of the day is beer, food, riding, fun, enjoying the sights, Bikes, Comradery and spending "money". In all that time no one (no MC) has offered us any illegal substances, a prostitute, a sex slave or any other ridiculous claim of the DPS.


Money is the reason for the Rally in the first place. The Galveston Parks Department which is the smartest government entity in Galveston and possibly Texas has found a way to make money off of Bikers who spend and spend some more as 400,000 Bikers came into town. The only other event to rival it is Mardi Gras because a two week event. Both makes the City a cool place to go and hang a while.


Over the past year, the public safety department has made clear it believes motorcycle gangs pose a threat to public safety in Texas. In 2018, the agency included motorcycle gangs in an assessment of the state’s gang threats.

TBR: Those assessment reports are created by biased individuals who stand to benefit with false narratives. For the most part the reports are cut and paste from years gone by, Either the DPS or FBI plagiarized one another we're not to sure who's the culprit? For decades they've gotten away with painting everyone with a broad brush. It's happening in the courts of Texas right now. In Milam County. 


The report claims motorcycle gangs were continuing to challenge the Bandidos for dominance. The report explicitly refers to Bandidos as a gang, not a club. It points to instances of club leaders (not the Club) being arrested on racketeering and drug distribution charges and other criminal activities.


TBR: Crimes committed by individuals should not reflect on the whole. In a recent interview the Fort Worth Police Chief asked for the public not to blame their entire police department for their bad apples who committed murder. Why is it any different for MC's, other organizations and American Citizens? 


In terms of the threat to the public safety, the Bandidos and the Kinfolk ranked below well-known "real gangs", such as MS-13 and the Aryan Brotherhood.

The report also notes the sentiments that law enforcement and the public have toward some of the groups might be at odds. (meaning the public is aware of their lies and false narratives)


TBR:  The Creme De La Creme,  The DPS Gang Assessment claims,“MC Members are not covert about making their presence known, frequently wearing their gang colors, insignia and riding in large groups,” the report said. “They seek to turn public sentiment in their favor by organizing frequent charity runs.” is that being low key as the report says? They want it both ways.


​TBR: This is maddening, it is the season for feeding the hungry, raising money for the ill, toy runs, helping a Brother / Sister and spreading much needed joy with our beautiful cool looking Bikes.


You won't see us out on corners with a rubber boot begging for contributions wanting the public to pay and taking credit. Instead we dig deep into our own pockets, our own hearts, knowing it's good and what's right. All of it in spite of false narratives by the Texas DPS & FBI.


​Please note, there was not a single criminal activity in all the above mentioned report by the Bandidos or any other MC, our patches are constitutionally protect by the 1st Amendment, riding in large groups, attending a Rally is freedom of assembly. Charity runs, we'll leave that to you and your heart to who's right.... 


Motorcycle Clubs are not street gangs...



Waco The Center Of Corruption


The city received a $1.5 million Texas Anti-Gang grant to create the hub, where 10 to 15 Waco detectives who already participate in anti-gang work will coordinate with state and federal authorities tackling the issue from a regional perspective, Waco Police Chief Ryan Holt said.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott uses the word gang in order to make taking our rights away more palpable to the people of Texas. Like democrats need victims Abbott and his minions in law enforcement needs criminals or gangs. Creating what we see as an illusion for more. More money, more fusion centers, more, more, more...


We've seen the corrupt city and county of Waco in action. Even though it was more than a big loss for LE in Texas. 177 innocent people arrested, zero convictions by corrupt LE & Courts. The public saw through the false narratives and poor, sloppy investigative entities of the city, county and State. To the point they literally ran away from it all and left rogue DA Abel Reyna hanging with his own rope.  


Now those same entities are all giddy about a new Anti Gang Center in their city (Waco). Here's what we know after almost 4 1/2 years of our own investigations and knowledge. These LE entities will lie, cheat, harass and frame the innocent. They will go to no limits and they are dangerous and full of themselves.


For a long while we've been seeking data on Motorcycle Profiling incidents and the gang databases themselves. What we have is a super secret form of government (DPS) with literally no oversight.

You can check to see if your in a gang database in Texas. If you are it's hell finding out how you got in or who put you there. Once your in you are a criminal in the eyes of the law. No trial, no jury, no chance to face your accuser. Even if you've never been found guilty of a crime. If you were a felon and have been off paper 5 years, you should be removed. As an MC member they may try to hold you there forever if you don't act. Realize there are layer after layer of Anti gang databases in Texas.


The legislature mandates cities, counties participate. 


These actions which in many cases violates our Constitutional Rights. Are based on the Texas Gang Assessment Report. Which are decades worth of innuendos and a lot of cut and paste. Turning an MC into a street gang is a struggle, so they must make up reasons for the lack of real criminal activities by MC's. With statements like, "they stay low key" or make a big deal about Constitutional Protected Patches. Totally disregarding the 1st Amendment..


We believe Fusion Centers are a ruse. What major crimes have they thwarted? What school shootings have they stopped? Drugs are ramp-id everywhere in America. Where is the success? In many cities Law Enforcement is being looked at as corrupt as hell militarized and out of control.


So according to the Waco Tribune Police Officers will be sitting on their ass managing data instead of patrolling streets. Like their for profit jails the heat will be on to collect data, there cant be that many gangs in Waco?  If there is a large number it's a sign of a poorly run gang program in a small city. This makes them prone to mistakes and pressure to put the innocent into these poorly run databases.


You see they need more boogie men to justify these programs.


The people of Texas are demanding oversight outside of Law Enforcement. They can't be trusted to investigate themselves. The public trust is lost. Waco and the DPS are key culprits in a wave of mistrust that "will" consume them.


Soon we will demand oversight of these super secret centers and those who operate in the shadows of the law.


Get ready to rumble politically...