There's one thing for sure, the murder of George Floyd on May 25th was one of the most horrific tragedy's we've seen in this country in quite some time. But George Floyd, murder by cop is no longer the center of attention. The outrage over his death has been hijacked by arsonist, thugs and young people who think they are revolutionaries. Kids of Anarchy!


Will the Floyd's family pleads for peace fall on deaf ears?


At this hour June 1st 4:12pm we are waiting for the next wave of protesters. The Historic St Johns Church in DC was set fire with no fire department in sight late yesterday evening. The law has been completely neutered by Mayors and Governors who seem to have no clue. This whole thing looks deliberate in order to damage the country on top of the corona virus shutdown. We put nothing past politicians who exploit one crises after the other. This crises has been brewing for some time.


It's clear a well organized bunch of young punks are winning as they go unchecked by Local and State Officials who's duty it is to keep the peace and protect the rights of their citizens. That would include the right to seek redress.


Watching it last night was like a bad movie and it was a comedy of errors as the kids are whoopin ass. We've broke it down into three groups. 1st you have the legitimate protesters, behind them you have Antifa white kids (with bricks, rocks, flammable liquids, fireworks) setting fire and busting storefront windows and then you have the local shoppers of all ages walking around looting and having a hiho time. It was basically and night filled with clashes, charge and fall back, charge and fall back with very few arrests with parts of cities damaged to the brink.

Law Enforcement and those who protect them has no one to blame but themselves. For years TBR has been pointing out the culture that exists within Law Enforcement. In other words if your not one of them your a potential threat to them. It hasn't mattered how many black Police Chiefs or officers they hire the culture stays the same and the black community gets the brunt of it. All the military equipment, drones and AR15's are worthless against these "kids of anarchy". 


We wont even attempt to say we know what its like to be black, clearly they've suffered at the hands of the law. It was a couple of years ago we pointed out the black community has had it, but now the Nation as a whole has had it. It doesn't matter what color you might be. The Nation watched as the life was squeezed out of George Floyd by what can only be described as something evil.


The sad truth is former Minnesota PO Derek Chauvin is not the only cop with a badge that has the same potential for violence. They are time bombs with badges. We had an incident not long ago where a Sheriffs Deputy told two Bikers he was harassing them because he can. He's now on our watch list with a host of others.


Every time we watch the video of George Floyds last moments we wonder what in the hell Officer Derek Chauvin thinking. Let us repeat TBR has list of officers in Texas we think are a danger to our community and others. When the law becomes lawless and corrupt, it loses the public trust, what are we to do? Our complaints, pleas for fairness fall on deaf ears from the State powers that protect them and give them vails of secrecy. 


Soon the people will get tired of all the looting, burning, riots and demand action. All the talking heads better figure it out and fast. If this spreads to the suburbs there are people there that will protect their homes and business.


They are locked and loaded.  


Its too bad the message from George Floyds family has been drowned out by anarchist, looters and brick throwers. Many times we've talked about the culture within law enforcement whether it be your local PD, State or Federal. The time is here for real change unless the "kids of anarchy" keep winning.



We just got word protesters are gathering at I20 & The Center Street Bridge is this the promise to come to the suburbs of Dallas / Fort Worth?  Will the Kids of Anarchy be among them?