Incumbent Sheriff has been in office since 2005. He's 82 years old, has had a double lung transplant.  The word is the jail has been run by low paid unqualified misfits from the LaSalle Corp which has been said to be very generous with campaign donations to Sheriffs in Texas.

We've pointed out privately run jails is a recipe for corruption. Who suffers from these partnerships? The inmates and tax payers, who benefits? Crooked county politicians who see nothing but dollar marks on the come. You can not and must not turn a blind eye if you live in Parker County. 


The Sheriff is old, cranky and most of all absent in our view. Prove us wrong.


The Weatherford Democrat show a crowded field of challengers for the job.


Russell Hess: BIO 

Darrel Hull BIO

Gregory Scott Gates 


Bill Torry is Milam County's Current DA

He Has No Problem Trying To Convict Innocent Bikers

He Has A Challenger Check Out Below

Lonnie Gosch BIO


Victoria Neave Remember Her? She's The Helmet Lady. She Has A Challenger For State House District 107  

Samuel Smith US Army Vet