We have a warning for Ukrainian citizens and leadership "hold the line advance if possible". The rug may be pulled out from under you soon, lead by Tucker Carlson and other media types on radio. They bitch about the cost and we are carrying the load, not to mention the lies coming from Biden's mouth of hardware coming your way.


Take note, It was reported a Vietnam General said they were close to surrendering, then they couldn't believe what was happing.  We're not sure any of that was true but we do know they way the war was being fought was not a strategy to win, but to keep it going.


It all came tumbling down when the media and the left winged anti war crowd went full blast against the war and the troops, to the point they were being spit on in airports and attacked, baby killers they called us. Slowly the drum beat made the war less popular with the American public. That brought it to an end and gave the media a new found power to this day. 


Ukraine, we've seen this before, a ground swell is coming and chaos is on the horizon so matter how much they say we are behind you. You've had guarantees before and you gave up your nuclear weapons and ability's to defend yourself.


Right now Putin can't afford to lose, neither can the US and NATO. We are on the path for a head to head confrontation of some type. Putin will fight to the last Russian, the US and NATO if they really want to win they must give advanced weapons on the fast track. Otherwise we keep moving at a slow path of continued destruction of Ukraine.

The way out is limited to some kind of forced negotiations. Putin wants this really bad. The US and NATO will hear the drum beat. It's the reason we say grab as much ground as you can now and hold it. This may come to a halt as the media badgers our war fighters instead of Putin. Mark our words the media will turn on Biden soon and when they do he will do an about face just as he did in Afghanistan.


We've seen it before.. Russia is salivating because of the news from our side..



US Navy Vet 65-70