First of all let us tell you Texans know the drill when Hurricanes are imminent. We're either going to hang tight regardless of consequences or get the hell out of Dodge. For those new to Texas "good luck" go back to where you came from.


It's the media that causes panic and fools from Washington DC.


Emergency services & planners should be swinging into action. Actually there's nothing they can do, but warn people, direct traffic, get the sick & elderly out of harms way and keep track of landfall, when & where. Then it wait to see the damage. 


Hurricanes are slow beasts the worlds greatest power. People should know what's coming in these areas that are prone to flood. Be prepared, have a plan or risk your life.


Humans have wait to the last minute syndrome and in a panic head for supplies and empty store shelves. We see it again and again when disasters come, people who want government to rescue them from their own stupidity.


​Galveston & New Orleans has had over 12 years to get ready, make improvements since the last major Hurricanes hit. New Orleans already seems to be in trouble with pumps that's supposed to keep the city from flooding.


There's not a damned thing President Trump can do about it, nor FEMA or any other Federal or State Agency. Fuel prices will increase if there are shortages and that's a given since refining capabilities are hampered by the federal regulations. No new refineries in over 30 years has consequences. Go figure! EPA!


​If your hanging you might consider the Poop Deck on the Galveston Seawall where hearty people invites King Neptune "Have A Round On Us" we aint going anywhere...