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Hello everyone Texas Bikers & Bikers across our Nation .


This is the Sasquatch on the road report#3  Sponcered By Texas Biker Radio & The Sons Of Liberty MC .

Well as most of you know by now we pulled it off, we did the stock yard Stampede ! On Saturday 11/10/18


W had our push back to being profiled by law inforcement here in North Texas.

It all Started early Saturday morning when most of our members met up in the mid Citys at Harwood & 360 @ the Velaro Station & fueled up for the trip, and we had planed for K.S.U. (kick stands up)@ 9:30 am . However are Senior S.A.( sargent of arms) had a break down on his Scooter, which forced him to ride his back up bike, Old Shovel Head Blue .

That only pushed us back about 45 minutes . And we still made it in time at Strookers in Dallas . Once we arrived there we relaxed for a little while & tryed to warm up as the cool morning air had a bit of a nip to it at 70 mph yicks ! Some of us ordered a cheese burger & coffie there at Rick Fairless's, Strookers Bar & grill ! I wanted an Elvis Cheese burger but they didn't have one on the minue Carg Tarn it !


And then we attempted to gather as many riders as possable to join us on our ride to the Fort Worth Stock yards . The band on the outside stage was doing sound checks & our fearless leader Popeye climbed up on a picnic table with bullhorn in hand (which he didn't use "low battery's".....)

And began to announce our puropose for being there ! He reminded every one to keep a cool head especially in the event that we was pulled over to be profiled, in any of the Citys we road though and if so to deffently get video of it !



Well, we arived at the Stock Yards at around 12:30 pm and did a ride trough of what is know as Hell's half acker ! There was Stock Yard Tourists everywhere on the Streets, there was kids waving at us and the tourist were talking Videos of us as if we were like, a part of the main attraction or something? And we rereved our engines, smiled and waved back at them !

Well, there was squad cars Visible on the street & we noticed a group of officers
on the a street conner opposite of there Police cars with a suprised look on there faces . They also grabbed there cell phones and began videoing to capture are license plate numbers as we road by ! But that was as close to being profiled as we got after several more passes trough the Stock Yards .

After our Ist pass we all stopped at Wilson's Leather goods Store, one of our favorite places to have patches sowed on and buy leathers and life style assories . We met some cool Clubers there that we hadn't met before and the atmosphere was so layed back & bikerish yea, whith the smell of fresh tanned  leather in the air and the sound of sowing machines running & patches being sowed on in the rear of the store .  I also sampled there keg beer to a three cup degree !

We then did another round though the Stock yards & then stoped for lunch at a nice big BBQ restrunt in the Stock Yards called, Its all about the meat ! No thats is there Slogan but the name of the restrunt escapes me now . After a verry fine lunch we decided to do one more lap before heading our seporite ways toward the house . Everyone of us had a good time and the Stock Yard Stampede was deemed a success ! And the verry next day on Sunday 11/11/18 we also had a Club meeting we vall Church, at Wilhoite's in Graprvine Texas, and discussed everything for the future of the Stock yard Stampede and the success there of, Wave #1. And other Club busyness of course .

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold to be apart of of the Stock Yard Stampede wave # 1. And a special thanks to The Company of one, Independant riders for joining us @ Strokers .And thanks to Popeye & OG . For Putting the Stock Yard Stampede together. And thank you to the Legendary Mr. Jim Parks for being there And being a part of our Stampede. And thanks to our new hang around Six Pack, for being there & takeing pictures, soon to be released on S.O.L.R.MC. our Public page & thanks to our Nation Wide Biker News Network, texasbikerraido.org Salute !


There's more to come folks when wave #2's date is announced .we are hoping that alot more riders will join us on wave #2. Ride safe everybody & Happy Thanks Giving !  Respect,



Ya Gotta Love Sasquatch 


We Do!