Dallas attorney F. Clinton Broden, who is representing a Hewitt man indicted in the case, and attorney Susan Criss, of Harker Heights, also representing a Twin Peaks defendant, both filed motions for recusal naming 19th District Judge Ralph Strother.

Broden represents Burton George Bergman and Criss’ client is Rolando Reyes.

Both men are charged with engaging in organized criminal activity.


“I have not read them because they were sent to the news media first,” McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna said Friday

“The arrogant DA said, I have heard about them and what they contain and I am not worried about them.”

Broden, in his motion, argues that Strother, by making comments to local media and by rearranging his court docket to give one case setting prominence over others, has violated judicial canons and should be removed from the bench in these cases.


In his motion Broden cites state law precedence on the issue: “’The proper inquiry is whether a reasonable member of the public at large, knowing all the fats in the public domain concerning the judge and the case, would have a reasonable doubt that the judge is actually impartial.’”

Criss says in her motion: “Reyes moves that Judge Strother be disqualified because of his bias against the defense is of such a degree that it has resulted , and will continue to result, in due process violations, and moves that Judge Strother be recused because of his bias …”

Both attorneys refer to instances where Strother made comments to the media that they believe were improper.

As well, both lawyers say Strother has modified the court’s docket to show preference to one particular case that the district attorney wants to try first.

Broden’s conclusion says: “In an ideal world, it would go without saying that the United States Constitution guarantees any defendant the right to an impartial judge.

“Mr. Bergman deserves nothing less.

“Therefore, and for the foregoing reasons, individually and not collectively, Judge Strother should be recused from presiding in the above-referenced case.



Texas Biker Radio Comment


Everybody that thinks Judge Strother is "not biased" raise your hand?


That's 4 certified liars that says he is "not" biased, Able Reyna, Sgt Swanton. Pete "Red Coat" Peterson and "pic a pal" not so grand jury foreman James Head (hand picked by judge Strother). WOW!


Of course Defective Detective Head should have been tossed for lying we raised hell over this biased selection. Yup, claimed he had no involvement with the Twinn peaks massacre, liar! 


Breitbart Texas spoke with Houston based criminal defense lawyer and past president of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association (HCCLA) Robert Fickman. Fickman said, “Pretending to afford justice is not the same as affording justice. Pretending to afford justice is an injustice. Where lives are at stake the people deserve better. Making a police officer the foreman of any grand jury is putting the fox in the hen house. There will be no justice. This is a farce.”


The 5000 pus at all for All For 1 votes there is no doubt Strother is biased, loves talking to the media. There is no doubt there is a judicial system got your back good ole boys at play in McLennan County. God help anyone who gets caught in its web, Biker or not.  


Everything is operating as normal in one of the most corrupt judicial systems in this country that's backed by the Texas Sate Legislature, The Texas Attorney General & The Governor..  


​It's the people who produce change by removing corrupt politicians. First they must be exposed!