Texas Biker Radio / Sons Of Liberty Riders MC - has withdrawn support for Gov Gregg Abbot & TX Attorney General Ken Paxton. We have come to the conclusion and received information the uptick in Motorcycle Profiling and Harassment in Texas are directly connected to their re-election campaigns.


Both Abbot and Paxton are running ads "cracking down on violent gangs" like MS13 as the focus. Gov. Abbot has given orders to get gang members and anyone the law "thinks" might be a gang / omg member into "his database". Motorcycle Clubs are not street gangs. 


His database, meaning fusion centers.


With orders to profile who are the easiest targets for out of control gang units? Bikers in particular are easy targets


We do not endorse Abbots opponent. We are down to the lesser of two evils. Do your due diligence.


What we do now is organize and seek redress.


Stockyard Stampede

Nov. 10th 2018