TBR Comment: Obama blames Bush and the IRS blames Obama. this would be funny if these blunders weren't costing us billions of dollars to fulfill a fools dream.


First of all if a politicians or bureaucrats in DC mouths are moving, they are lying in order to ask for more money or cover up something.


Customer Service has been poor for decades, Its been our experience that once you get past dial 1 for English, getting through to someone within the IRS that can actually answer a question and feel good that person knew what they were talking about is a 50/50 proposition.


On top of that comes the awful thought of losing a connection or getting hung up on so you have to repeat the process all over is gut wrenching.


​Excuse us if we don't have any sympathy for the IRS and their money woes. The fact that they've let themselves be used by the president in targeting citizens should have them at the same respect level of congress or Hillary Clinton who has been proven to be liars and thieves.









The IRS is unable to answer most taxpayers’ calls this year because it’s had to put money into getting up and running for Obamacare, agency Commissioner John Koskinen told Congress on Wednesday.

Mr. Koskinen said his agency has had to shift tens of millions of dollars from customer service over to build the computer systems and get ready to handle questions this year about Obamacare and the law’s tax penalty, which kicks in for the first time this year.

The commissioner said President Obama’s 2010 law requires the agency to handle Obamacare taxes, but Congress has refused to provide any money, so he’s shifted user fees that used to go to customer service over to handle the Affordable Care Act and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

“We knew, and it’s been true, that we would get a significant number of inquiries on the Affordable Care Act,” Mr. Koskinen told the House Appropriations Committee, which is considering how much money to give the tax agency for fiscal 2016.

Mr. Koskinen said the IRS is answering just 43 percent of taxpayers’ calls so far this year, which is a huge drop is customer service for the agency.

Congress has cut the IRS’s funding in recent years as Republicans have tried to send a signal of disapproval with the agency’s activities, including its targeting of tea party groups’ applications for nonprofit status.