Coming 2018
Coming 2018

All we want for Christmas is fair trials of the "Guilty"


"Oh to be" at all the Club House Christmas parties to listen to the lawyers chatter with Judges from low places, meaning the Texas Judicial System. 


Abel Reyna has turned the McLennan County and Texas Justice system into a laughing stock. For a court system that needs speed to attempt to make the cash registers ring on it's for profit jails, he's basically brought ti all to a screeching halt. With a pie in the sky dream of the Governors Mansion (not on my watch). He's a one man demolition machine which gives us a chance to take a shot at Baylor U for putting out a substandard product. 


Want proof? 


Look at the mess they've made trying to have each others backs knowing the public is watching every move they make. Starting with Abel Reyna making a mess of the WPD's Twinn Peaks Investigation, arrest 'em all, convict 'em all, including the innocent, then doling out of evidence to the public and the defense attorney's for 30 months now, false reporting the media ran with from day one, the failed attempt to install a police officer on the grand jury as foreman, then there was the gerrymandering of trial order as if the judges were working for the prosecutor. We believe they were and still are. We see the BU love fest that's been going on forever. There's one thing for sure, we've not been playing close attention to the Judges we put in office and those appointed by political parties.  


They must be seething behind closed doors. 


There surly no happiness in the courthouse this Christmas as the spotlight shines in on their corrupt little unit of Baylor Law grads and friends. It's got to be a boiler room set to implode as the public gets a good look at what they call justice. If the powers that be continue down the same patch it surly will. To make things worse it appears Abel Reyna himself is under FBI investigation for corruption.


In the end the people of McLennan County will suffer from the liability of denying the innocent of their Constitutional Rights, their jobs, their homes, their families. their children for God's sake.  


Any attempt to retry Jake Carrizal will be a fatal and final blow. It would show the stupidly and arrogance of a court system gone mad with its own power. They see themselves above the Constitution and the people who put them there. It would also be a gift to us in our quest to expose them all..


Once again we ask not Abel Reyna but the powers that be, "that's you The People of McLennan County",  "Let The Innocent Go", convict those that actually committed a crime...


Going to a political meeting is not a crime, guns locked in cars legally is not a crime, wearing  a vest with patches is not a crime, carrying a knife is not a crime, having tattoos is not a crime, slogans are not a crime, being a member of any organization is not a crime, riding a Harley is not a crime, being prepared to protect oneself is not a crime, being a Bandido or Cossack is not a crime...


So far Abel Reyna has tried to convict using the criteria above as reason for sending a person up to 45 years in prison...