We were told yesterday that antifa is not anarchist. Really!


Well, if they are not anarchists why are they participating in anarchy around the country?


Just what is anarchy? A state of lawlessness, chaos or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority. We have watched cities descend into anarchy for months on end. Why? Local Government authorities vacated the scene and let it happen. 


​The reasons for the absence of government in progressive democrat run cities was purely political. They thought chaos in the streets would help them in November blaming it all on President Trump.


It was part of an overall progressive democratic strategy. A strategy that would have chaos in the streets and at the same time keep the people locked up because of the china virus. Trying to inflict as much pain on the people as possible with unlawful demands and keeping entire economies shut down in democrat run cities.


George Soros said in a recent interview, when the people are scared they will do things that are not necessarily good for them. Now is the time to strike! 


That plan has backfired and it looks as if the chaos is subsiding due to the actions of Donald Trump and the DOJ. Meaning they are arresting people and holding them accountable. Everyone but the people behind the scenes which would include politicians, academic professors and corporate leaders. the useful idiots are now crying and no one has sympathy for them.

Antifa are supposed to be anti fascists. If you go to the internet it will describe fascism as right winged, nothing could be further from the truth in our book, look at whats going on today. The media and political groups have grossly over exaggerated the term fascism as an ever-imminent threat that must be eradicated. 


The media's claim of looming fascism has provoked demands for the kinds of censorship and authoritarianism that, ironically, characterize the very fascism that supposedly needs to be eliminated. That means anyone that doesn't agree with them. If fascism is truly exists in America. The ones who scream the loudest about fascism are the fascists. Just sayin..

​But wait what we are seeing out of the progressive democrats is a mixed bag of socialism and fascism all mixed into one. Nothing is clear, no wonder we are all confused and so are they. Its whatever works to upend the country and our way of life. To what end we do not know. Thats frightening!


The fact is progressive (wealthy / politicians) democrats, corporations, blm, antifa and the media have teamed up in support of a marxist style government that would flood the country with immigrants. In hopes of a one party system that would control every aspect of your life and change America forever, is more than sinister...


Its treason in our book. Many many people should be in jail..


You would be a slave to a government by a silent hierarchy of wealthy people and corporations in the shadows of government. As in the past they would work to enrich themselves at the expense of the American worker to keep they money from China flowing into their coffers... Can you say Hunter Biden!



The Constitution would no longer be supreme law of the land.


​Its true fascism. Something antifa claims it's not.. "Useful Idiots"..


Just sayin