As Wayne The Train takes the stage drones fly overhead the good times roll for all R&G members in attendance. That's despite all the harassment that's going on around them. Drones must have got great shots of the fingers waving back at them. Yes we said harassment, that's what profiling has turned into in Dallas on the south side. By now hundreds of Bikers have been stopped for nefarious reasons. So many unorganized cops have lost track and have stopped Bikers coming and going multiple times.


Harebrained is what a recent prosecutor from Houston would this operation.


Not recognizing your date sticker on your license plate is a new one in all the chicken shit reasons to pull someone over to profile (harass). So one cop wanted to the Bikers registration. It's as bad as 4 miles over or entering a intersection too fast after the light turns green.


I've been ridin since I was 14 that's 57 years and have never been asked to see my registration, not in Texas or anywhere else. We all know with today's technology the cops now whether your registration is current, you have insurance the minute they run your plates. If they don't they are lazy or too illiterate to operate their on board computer. 

We've already pointed out Dallas has a crime epidemic. Drugs, robberies, robberies of children, murders happen on a daily basis and they are barking up the wrong tree. The waste of money and manpower to harass Bikers who are peacefully assembling is outrageous and tax payers should be made aware of it. 


They have seen anything yet when we all unite. Push Back!