Yep it the Texas Two Step. Is  law enforcement taking advantage of Texas Law Texas Penal Code Section 46.02: Gang members and illegal weapons. 


Once again The Motorcycle Profiling Project is on top of what going on here in Texas and elsewhere across the country.  in this case it's the Bandidos but it could be any other 1% Club across the country. This will have a trickle down effect on everyone riding on two wheels. 


Ex Parte Marcos M. Flores, NO. 14-14-00663-CR, 2015, at 16 (Tex. App. -- Houston, Nov. 10, 2015)  Prepared September 26, 2018


Summary: Ex Parte Flores, decided by the Texas 14th Court of Appeals in November, 2015, completely discredits law enforcement's current application of 46.02 to any member of the Bandidos, labeled a criminal street gang by law enforcement, found to be in possession of a weapon.


The plain language of 46.02 requires that the defendant must be one of the three or more individuals "continuously or regularly" associating in the commission of criminal activities. To apply 46.02 to any member of the Bandidos relies on an incorrect construction of the statute that would be constitutionally arbitrary and overboard.


​NOTE: A Winning Appeal Is Needed If There Hasn't Been One?


Recently another 1% Club got a Texas welcome by the Fort Worth Police SRT Unit who claimed they were investigating a criminal gang. Since we were there to witness no crimes being committed and compliance asked for and given by 1% MC members, we are to assume they were fishing, profiling and harassing based on their opinion without facts. Sounds like Abel Reyna to me, In other words guilt by association. Same shit!


​Understand keeping your Kutte (cut) when a picture would suffice is just another form of harassment. What's worse is it's childish game playing because they can. It's an in your face so keep your cool. 


Law enforcement as a whole is misusing / mislabeling the term gang for "public consumption and bullying", motorcycle clubs are not gangs.  Public Consumption is the very reason they contacted the Star Telegram which is a gullible fake news source. At the very leas their 1st & 4th amendments were violated by the law. It's a sad day in hell if you can't stop to buy rain gear or have a patch sewn on.


Matter of fact it's another Waco being born here in our own back yard..