MC Traditions are getting harder to maintain from one generation to the next, our society that's slipping beyond all ethical bounds. Change comes no matter what you do to prevent it because the people have changed, trophy's for everybody. Our Nation has been busy producing a Nation of whiners, tattletales, cry babies, with no respect for anyone but themselves or what they believe in. We see it on the news nightly and it's within our ranks. Like it or not we are a reflection our society.


Old School MC's:  The old school is any group of Bikers (MC's) who are traditionalists, Respect, Honor Bound to the Club. They do things the way they've been done in the past according to a rigged set of MC bylaws. To many old school means something close to old-fashioned, but it’s a term with more pride behind it, more tradition, brotherhood and demands Respect. If someone says, “I’m old school,” they’re saying they like it the way it used to be done, which they believe was a better way. Lying, ratting, spreading false rumors against the Club would not be tolerated. 

New School MC's: Believe traditions of old are out of date, see the rules are too harsh, too hard to get in, they are more liberal in thinking and more open, there is complete lack of Respect to the old ways. New School may follow some traditional customs that fits what they believe. That's until it becomes a cancer and forces them to change little by little. Over time they will be forced to the Old-School MC Traditions they thought were old and outdated for modern times. They will demand Respect most of all. 

No School MC's: Seem to be growing overnight. Get on the internet, pay a fee and you're in, a full patched member with a rocker that says World. Could call them dot com Clubs for lack of a better term. "Anybody" gets in as long as you pay the fee, buy a patch or a T shirt. Many Bikers will be attracted to this style of Club it's the easy path with zero accountability. They too will suffer from generational change but since they operate outside the Traditional MC world no one really notices.


Bikers Against Cancer Is A Thought



Now that I've said all of that let us point out a Cancer that can affect all MC's - RC's - Any Other Type Club. It's the sorry asses who have no Respect, no Honor, no sense of Loyalty to the Club or MC Traditions.


They can always do it better


Those who spit on Club Bylaws and disrespect Club leadership by working the phones to disrupt Club Unity. Work to tear the Club apart or take over with a telephone generated coup. They will use rumors, here say and innuendo against any and all members true are not, before the Club SA or Leadership has a chance to investigate. You might be Convicted before there is a trail. 


When caught they explode, quit and whine to anyone who will listen. They get off on drama and need it constantly. They will be your brother to your face and stab you in the back unmercifully and continue even when exposed and gone from your Club. These people exist and we all have to adjust and watch over our Clubs, they are looking for a new home.


If you haven't done so, tighten your ship using the Traditions of Old.