My Military Service Makes Me Who I Am Today. I took the Sacred Oath to Protect and Defend The Constitution Of The United Sate Of America against "all" enemies foreign and domestic.


Today we are under attack like never before, from foreign and domestic enemies. Enemies within our own government, enemies at all levels.


Enemies with the ranks of those who are pledged to protect and defend us, FBI, CIA, DHS, Political Parties, Government Controlled Media and yes our local Law Enforcement.


All with one common goal, "Control".


At each of our 911 Memorial Rides in Honor of those who died that day and since, I quote. We Must Look To The Past To See The Future.


We are on the path to destruction unless we stop look back and take civic action..


We've seen government ignore the calls of the people. We've seen government trample on our Constitutional Rights. We've seen government turn a blind eye to justice in favor of those in power.


​Worst of all we've seen government abandon our troops in favor of political correctness.