There is one thing for sure, Bikers will not be the deciding factor on the race against Abel Reyna unless it's close. It will be the voters in McLennan County because they have seen and had enough.


It's incredibly hard to knock an incumbent out of office since they have all the advantages. Especially a DA that claims to be a crime fighter.


​Our job at the Freedom Rally tomorrow is to expose Abel Reyna for who he is. Just another con man that had the wherewithal to get elected plus the mission behind the mission. 


I mean who doesn't want safe communities?


I would assume low crime rates is because of good police work not a DA. Make no doubt DA's across they country are willing to take credit like Abel Renya does. Creatures of the false narrative.


But Wait! Just maybe the picture is not as rosy as Abel claims. I mean the FBI would never lie. They are the standard and Abel Reyna uses their data in court all the time to send people to jail, oh my!


According to FBI reports Violent Crime Rates Rose Dramatically in Nine Texas Cities  in 2017


In addition to Lubbock and Odessa, violent crime rates shot up by nearly 30 percent in Abilene, San Angelo, and Sherman. They were up by roughly 20 percent in Brownsville and Waco, and more than 15 percent in Midland and Corpus Christi.


There doesn’t seem to be clear patterns around any of those spikes—the cities are all geographically disparate, in West, Central, North, and South Texas. In Brownsville and Corpus, the murder rate is stable; in Abilene and Waco, it’s up dramatically, tripling in Waco and up from a very low 0.6 per 100,000 in Abilene to 5.3.

Just so you know there are many Bikers that want Abel Reyna right were he's at. Mostly because he has a one tracked mind. "Get the Bandidos = Governors Mansion"! So far that strategy has failed big time. But his ego is bigger the the McLennan County Budget, he's going to keep on keeping on with the whole county in tow.


Them Biker Come Talk To Me!


What if they don't? There's many at that meeting (COCI Meetings Over 20 Yrs Peacefully) that had no part in the parking lot fight. We think a precedent has been set by Scooter Bergman and Jake Carrizal. One owned who he was under oath, the other didn't take a plea because he felt he was innocent of any crimes. You lose rights when you do.


It's a risk of epic proportions, but realize "we" are shinning a spotlight on the courthouse and the DA's office, we don't let up!


We understand the I35 corridor is that main hwy for drugs, sex slaves, human trafficking. Passes right through McLennan County, if Bikers were involved as law enforcement would have you to believe. They would be in the news nightly, because they have been vilified for decades by the FBI and DPS. But somehow like the people in the pic above get a pass.


Common sense tells you what we point out is true. Just maybe the people in McLennan County has more common sense than their elected officials.


As we've all found out recently the FBI can't be trusted, just ask Abel Reyna?


He's getting first hand experience if media reports are right?