As we watch the news tonight we see the out pouring of sympathy toward the people murdered in a scentless act of violence at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C.. In a TV interview a S.C. State representative said the city of Charleston was built on love and respect. That's something we know is not exactly true, but he's a politician isn't he. 


After listening to that it made us wonder just what in the hell Waco might be built out of? Its surely not love and respect for all mankind.


After what we've seen take place we have the feeling Waco is lead by the good ole boy network of a heavy handed law enforcement and Baptist influence that has a lust for demonizing and in some cases killing. They have a track record don't they?


​If you dig hard enough the signs are there. A Pulitzer prize is waiting to be written about Waco. The 170 plus bikers are just part of the story. When you dig deep enough its sickening. Corruption in their judicial systems and public private jails seems rampant.


The good ole boys have been hard at work. Everybody is scratching everybody's back. Making sure the right people get elected. The real criminals are actually the ones putting people in jail and not just the bikers. There is a pattern of abuse.


We aren't crazy enough to think anyone would pay attentions to our TBR News staff which is quite small. So we'll turn out findings over to some major news outlets in hopes they will continue what we have just scrapped the surface on. There's one thing for sure the Waco Tribune knows and has known for years. They sit on it and has actually carried water for all those corrupted officials, but we digress.


As people are getting out on bond a different picture from what we've been told is being painted. It looks as though the Waco PD had an actual part in facilitating what went down in the parking lot by a visit with one of the leaders of the clubs involved. This brings up more questions.


There's not much the Waco PD has been honest about, including the release of people that were involved in the parking lot fight. Meanwhile we have people nowhere near the fight locked up for weeks. They've yet to explain what criminal activity was going on inside twinn peaks?


They keep painting the same weak picture of biker gang gone wild.


Meanwhile the TABC is throwing a hissy because we dared mention them as the Gestapo of liquor licensees, making threats by issuing guidelines against bikers and patches. 


We now find kinda funny that the Waco PD has decided to have a weekly press conference to counter some of the misinformation that coming from the internet.


"Really", this is coming from the misinformation kings, the Waco PD. We can't wait!