Jesse Jackson is the latest to call out for a Hillary Clinton Pardon which would include crimes committed by their make me rich pay for play foundation supposedly for charity. More proof there are laws and selective enforcement when it comes to the rich and well connected like Hillary and many many others. It's crap like this that spurred a revolution at the ballot box this a week ago. The Clinton's should not be above the law and neither should anyone else be.


We've seen it again and again, Al Sharpton owes the IRS a reported 4.5 million yet he's not pursued and has walked in and out of the White House at will. Law enforcement across the nation refuses to arrest criminal illegal aliens ignoring the term criminal. Both should be arrested!

Can we think of a single person or entities held responsible for the home mortgage collapse? They all got bailed out and got richer at the same time. Try that at home. Black Lives Matter followers promoted and acted to murder police officers yet their leaders continue to spill hate and racism without fear of being arrested for hate crimes. Although we do not approve of BLM's methods its all perpetuated by the fact LE is treated differently from ordinary citizens with crooked DA's and rigged Grand Jury's that let the guilty walk.



There are two criminal justice systems in the United States. One is for people with wealth, fame or of political influence who can afford to hire top-notch attorneys and public relations firms, who make campaign contributions to sheriffs, legislators and other elected officials, and who enjoy certain privileges due to their celebrity status or the size of their bank accounts. The other justice system is for everybody else.


Have you ever heard of pay to stay?


Pasadena CA. has the largest program with 2,226 prisoners paying to stay at the city’s jail in 2007, which generated about $234,000. The jail has advertised its program with a pamphlet that echoes holiday resort language. “Serve your time in our clean, safe secure facility! ... We are the finest jail in Southern California,” the brochure proclaims. Pay-to-stay prison-ers in Pasadena have access to an exercise bike and can watch DVD’s. The cost? Just $135 a day. There are dozens more. 


Hell, don't let Waco find out about it! The whole system is about profit..

Sound familiar? Now is the time to speak out for an end to it all and hold their feet to the fire.

Waco TX, an out of control DA named Able Reyna indicted 177 Biker without due process in what they called sending a message. Completely ignoring the fact there were innocents among them and without an investigation to sort them out. Waco PD was in that process when the DA decided the Constitution and the rights of Americans meant nothing to him. 19 months later the DA drags his feet with data dumps and more innuendos without a shred of evidence to back it up.


Innocent bikers who were simply there to attend a political meeting and had no part of a parking lot fight suffers at the hands of a rigged judicial system. Those meetings had been going on for over 20 years without a single problem, there is enough evidence that shows LE played a part in instigating and funneling the two groups toward a confrontation hoping for a fight. When it happened they came to kill without explaining what were the rules of engagement, who was targeted and why, who was fighting for their life?


The fact is non of this should have happened, the logical move would have been for LE to have a show of force in the parking lot of Twinn Peaks if they were really concerned about public safety. That wasn't the case bullets flew everywhere and they made moves to cover it up and that continues to this day. LE is not always the brightest lights on the block Sgt. Patrick Swanton is proof of that. 


Laws for us and laws for them


Without a single trial the officers that killed Bikers at Twinn Peaks have been no billed by another rigged Grand Jury....Clearly they were given a pass, clearly there are different rules for them, the rich, well connect, political class and LE.


We must start demanding fairness and no one is above the law, no one is given special treatment. Let your representatives know this and what you expect. Show up January 23rd on Motorcycle Legislative Day in Austin, tell the your concerns to your representatives on Motorcycle Profiling and other issues like laws for us laws for them.


Tell Them We Are Watching And Expect Action And Fairness...Now!






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