Waco police in our view continues to spew outright lies and half-truths. Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman said Friday that three Waco officers fired a total of 12 shots. He has 14 on administrative leave?


He didn’t specifically mention what other shots may have been fired by other law enforcement agencies? So far he says 44 casing have been found, so far? We have 9 dead 18 wounded does all this add up and just who shot who?

They have a pretty good idea they just have to adjust to make it justifies their actions to the public.

Were the innocent in the parking lot considered collateral damage?

Now the count is back up to 400 weapons found on the premises, including the parking lot. What they conveniently leave out is just how many of those terrible weapons were inside the facility where supposedly criminal activities were taking place. Any one of those items can be found in a vehicles driving across Texas at this moment.

They left out what items might not be illegal to have in your truck or car under lock and key? Were these items supposed to magically jump into the owners hands or were they supposed to yell “time out” while I get my weapons from the car. Who brings a tomahawk to a gun fight?

This crap is absurd and laughable, Waco is being turned into the Barney Fife of America…The DA could fit into any legal system run by the Gastopo.

Furthermore, what criminal activity was going on inside Twin Peaks? Did those mean ole bikers turn it into a brothel over night? Gambling? Prostitutes? Sex slaves? Just how many of them did you round up, Stroman? Let’s hear some more lies.

We have to say your undercover guys aren’t worth a damned if that's what they thought a COCI meeting was about.

If they were truly concerned about public safety? A show of force could have stopped it all. Even the fight in the parking lot. After all twin peaks was a public place, anyone can go in for lunch even the law, manager or no manager….that was a weak excuse Sgt. Swanton.

We ask for some sanity in a town and legal system gone mad, drop all charges against those guilty of no crimes, prosecute those guilty of killing including the law..

Here we come again, we seek truth, let the innocent go return their vehicles and lawful items…