Black people see the acquittal of one police officer after the other across the county as an epidemic. Police brutality and murder aimed squarely at them. There are so many cases somebody has to be guilty of a crime. In some cases maybe it's not clear, the jury is instructed to give LE the benefit of the doubt. Everyone of them on trial will say they feared for their life per the supreme court. It doesn't matter, it's fuel for the fire that's not going out anytime soon. 


Local and National talking heads debate the issues night after night, most taking the side of the Law, describing police as scared out of their minds.

Texas Biker Radio has done a careful study of Law Enforcement since the attack on Bikers at Twinn Peaks. The actions of a rigged judicial system with zero checks and balances. The ability to vilify with the help of a more than willing media is key. 


If a crooked DA can indict a ham sandwich, he or she can also acquit by rigging the jury or throwing the trail or outright refusing to prosecute. We've seen it all. 


In our quest for truth and talking to many former police officers one thing was clear, it's the police vs anyone that's not them. All of us are potential threats, especially those of us who have been vilified and misidentified as criminals.

Two different police officers described it like this. We are not suppose to get a scratch in any situation. We react with force to over power the subject, this is the reason you will see 6 officers on one guy. Guns pulled during routine traffic stops, where people get killed.


Note, most police officers are not scared, we feel it's their training which is held in secret by The Texas State Attoney General. It's their brotherhood that will lie to back a brother or sister up. It's a crap shoot that any cop would be found guilty for killing Blacks, Hispanics and yes even white people they can easily vilify.   


The FBI, DOJ and other federal agencies lead the charge when it comes to mistrusted law. We get daily doses in the media, endless investigations, lies, innuendos and that's the President. Imagine what they can do with the average Joe.

We're not disrespecting cops. We're pointing out a symptoms of the problem. It's not going away until the proper training happens on all sides. Police officers can't demand respect and show none to American citizens, whether they be black, hispanic, white, "Bikers". 
It doesn't matter how many schools police officers might visit, basket ball shots with weapons on for the media, how many community meetings they might have to relieve tensions. Tensions brought on for basically perceiving a threat when there is none. Killing the unarmed, killing children in a park. This is not going away with the current efforts by law enforcement, they've decided to defend each other through the courts.  
The courts from the DOJ on down crooked as hell, DA's crooked as hell, Judges crooked as hell, Special Investigators crooked as hell, County Courts (like Waco) crooked as hell. Many with unlimited budgets. 
We see it in the news almost everyday. We have an epidemic of drunks and drug addicts on the roads, most are just dysfunctional human beings, many are dealers supporting a $300 dollar a day habit of their own. Law enforcement deals with the results of this crap everyday. 
We believe constantly dealing with this epidemic skews LE interactions with certain groups and it's not necessarily ethnicity that brings on the attitude or fear as many say. Let us explain certain groups, like Bikers. For decades the FBI has been vilifying Bikers and Biker Clubs. Nothing more than a public campaign to make violating the Constitution rights of Bikers acceptable to the public. 
​Profiling the blacks, hispanics, bikers, conservatives, 60yo Tea Party members or any other group raises the anxiety levels of all. #1 is the police officer that perceives you as a threat and #2 when you find yourself being profiled because you belong to a certain ethnicity or group. Who wouldn't feel violated and pissed? 
 In today's era of terrorism some profiling is a must, but it must be with common sense profiling, it can't be all of us are criminals waiting to attack a cop, we the people can't be the enemy 24/7. 
Here's the facts according to the FBI's own data. Crimes committed by Bikers are minuscule compared to crimes committed by LE itself. This includes the Bandidos, Hells Angels, Outlaws or any other 1% Clubs you might find out there. The fact is all Bikers / Clubs have been identified as potential threats real or not, that information filters down to the bad apple with a badge. Let the profiling begin!  The FBI data is there if anyone cares to look. 
We know what our eyes & ears tell us. We gasp when a jury gets it wrong or were mislead and guilty cops walks. 

We always seem to get around to the few bad apples scenario. Law Enforcement knows who their bad actors are. It was in a recent interview that Bandido's National President Bill Sartelle stated all Clubs should get rid of their bad actors who commit crimes.


Just maybe LE itself should follow that lead. They should start weeding them out asap all across the Nation. But more than likely it would be far and few between because of a brotherhood with badges. Left unchecked they are as bad as any type gang member out there, especially if they work as a unit like we saw in Waco TX. We are going to continue the killing fields of law and order. Like most government agencies they are incapable of change, real change.