Who was Stephen Paddock and what drove him to kill 59 people & wound over 500? Seems to be the question everyone keeps asking. Stephen Paddock was the "perfect terrorist". Keep in mind this was a terrorist act regardless of reason and it certainly wasn't suicide by police since he took his own life.


​Stephen Paddock so far had no political agenda, no religious ideology, no internet profile or trail, intelligent educated and rich. As a gambler his high roller status gave him access. Something we haven't seen from the morons from the middle east. This guy was going to show us how it's done and not leave a clue as to why, so far? Maybe he was just crazy smart since the planning was right on?


This is a nightmare for those who claim to protect us, no fusion center or super snoops of the NSA could catch this. He makes it look worthless and a waste of tax dollars in the Billions. They became responders to what's about to happen. The cat is now out of the bag for all potential terrorists to see. 


It was just days ago on Texas Biker Radio we said something was coming, you could feel our focus had been taken away by political  bickering and politicized law enforcement. But like you we didn't expect this. This guy slipped by the security conscious Las Vegas Casino apparatuses we've all heard about. Stephen Paddock has made it a joke since it's designed to protect the Casinos bottom line, not catch a high rolling terrorist.


Since Mel "OG" Robins and Popeye were in the Alarm business years ago may we suggest devices that would detect window breakage in Hotels, expensive but doable. Certainly would have helped in this case.   


Now here comes another batch of morons called democrats (better known as dividers) demanding gun control legislation. Remember never let a good crisis go to waste. Which came strait out of Obama's rules for radicals course at Harvard U. We all know Obama did not write the rules for radicals he just plagiarized them from Sal Lewinsky, right. he used them to indoctrinate weak minded students, but that's another story. 


Then we get this Facebook post  Hayley Geftman-Gold A CBS company executive Monday after she criticized some victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting as “Republican gun toters” who did not deserve sympathy.


Sick, hey? Class act!


Democrats are a laugh since they know nothing about guns. Hello! Hillary goes after silencers, "what"? We do know if we give an inch of our Constitutional Rights they will take a mile until we have none. There's no legislation that would have stopped Stephen Paddock. He's rich, smart and a pilot he could have chosen any number of ways to kill a mass of people gathered for a concert, planes full of fuel, drones, trucks. We are shocked this hasn't happened before and so is ISIS, since they say Paddock is one of their guys. Not likely at this point, but it's early. 


For now every bit of this is beside the point, we have families grieving, wounded to be taken care of and a Nation to heal. The dividers are not helping in this matter since everything they do is political, whether it be natural disasters, football games or terrorist attacks like this one. 


Standby For Updates,


Update 10/03/17  1:08PM

Turns out there is a company that sells a shoulder mechanism that makes semi automatic rifle behave like fully automatic weapon.